Conference presentations since 2016


December 6, 2018
Workshop of CNRN and AS research groups, Østfold University College, Halden, Norway, Tomczak, Danuta Aniela “Saugbrugs Norske Skog – the Globalisation`s local dimension”.
December 6, 2018
Workshop of CNRN and AS research groups, Østfold University College, Halden, Norway, Borgersen, Trond A. and M.M. Rynning “Reflections on credit market incentives in a small open economy”.

August 23-24, 2018
NORDOM 2018 (Nordic Network on Economic Ideas History), Roskilde, Denmark Tomczak, Danuta Aniela. Presentation of the paper  "Oskar Lange – mellom teori og politikk –  et dilemma med verdi og vurdering" 

May 30- June 2, 2018
Management International Conference, Faculty of Management, University of Primorska, Koper, Slovenia. Badshah, Imtiaz and Mustafa, Ghulam. Presentation of the paper: “Emotions and employee behavioural outcomes in organizational change: a cultural orientation perspective”.

May 1-3, 2018
2nd AFU International Conference: Towards Advanced Scientific Knowledge in Business (TASK-2018). Dubai, UAE. Badshah. Imtiaz, Maaheen Ahmad and Amira Khattak. Presentation of the paper: “Interest rates are not the enough to understand stock returns in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan”. 


December 5, 2017
10th International Center for Corporate Governance Meeting (ICfCG), University of St Gallen, St Gallen, Switzerland, Aldogan Eklund, Mehtap. Presentation of the paper: “Globalization, Digitalization, University Governance, and Education Quality in Higher Education Institutions: A Comparative Study”.

June 11-13, 2017
9th International Conference- ECEE. Tallinn Technical University, Tallinn, Estonia. Borgersen, Trond Arne - Presentation of the paper: “A comment on SHP in a segmented housing market”.

May 5, 2017
Economics and Finance Conference, London. Falik, Butt, Hilal Anwar and Badshah, Imtiaz. Presentation of the paper: “An Analysis of the Relationship Between the Sovereign Credit Default Swaps and the Stock market of Pakistan Through Handling Outliers”.

February 2017
The 75th conference of University of Latvia, Faculty of social science. Riga, Latvia. Tufte, Geir Conrad, Presentation of the paper: “Comparative studies and document analyses”.


July 4-5, 2016
International Conference at Jagiellonian University in Cracow, Poland
Tomczak, Danuta Aniela, Presentation of the paper: “Norway's gender equality policies - do they enhance diversity?”

July 23-28, 2016
24th IPSA World Congress of Political Science. Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland. Tufte, Geir Conrad and Belmonte, Irene. Presentation of the paper: “Universal Welfare Programs or Family Centered programs – which model is best equipped to handle the present situation? Norway and Spain Governance Compared”.

June 16-19, 2016
16th EBES-Conference, Vienna, Austria. Trond Arne Borgersen. Presentation of the paper: “The Exchange Rate Response of Credit-Constrained Exporters: The Role of Location”.

May 5-9, 2016
5th International Conference on Trade, Business, Economics and Law. University of Oxford, St.Hugh’s College, London, UK. Abbas, Muhammad and Badshah, Imtiaz (2016). Presentation of the Paper: “Dividend Payout and Liquidity in Karachi Stock Exchange”.

Other presentations since 2016:

Søren Wenstøp, Getting a naturalistic grip on normativity: Interdisciplinary investigation into moral psychology and human nature as way forward, IFIKK/University of Oslo; Oslo, May 8th, 2018.

Lana Berglund, Innovation skills for the future. The context of Norwegian national innovation systems. April 20th, Hebei Geo University, Beijing, China, 2018.

Imtiaz Badshah, Digitalization of Accounting and Regional Development, April 19th, Hebei Geo University, Beijing, China 2018.

Geir C. Tufte and Prof. Han Jin, An explorative study on inequity in public health. Analyzing differences of regional populations. Hebei province, China, and Norway as cases. Chinese Norwegian Researcher Network (CNRN), April 17th , Hebei Geo University, Beijing, China, Beijing Shangri-La Hotel, 2018.

Imtiaz Badshah, Østfold University College - A presentation of research and studies, April 17th, Hebei Geo University, Beijing, China 2018.

Trond Arne Borgersen, FX-Hedging among exporting SMEs. Interreg/Framfor. Tanumstrand, Sweden, March 1st , 2018.

Tufte, Geir Conrad and Belmonte, Irene, A Comparison of Social Housing Policy for Refugees in a Spanish and Norwegian Local Community. Different Solutions and Common Problems. Workshop Norsk bolig- og urbanforskning. Oslo Met, Oslo February 8th, 2018.

Søren Wenstøp, Climate change and the earth system, Østfold Universiry College, Halden, January 25th, 2018.

Tomczak, Danuta Aniela; Liberda, Barbara; Okon-Horodynska, Ewa; Wisla, Rafal; Zachorowska-Mazurkiewicz, Anna. Summing up  "InnoGend" project: A Public Panel Debate, at Polish Economic Society, Warsaw, Poland , October 24th 2016

Søren Wenstøp, The Social and Cultural Influences on Moral Judgements: Contributions from Neurobiology. Public trial lecture, Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), Bergen, May 27th 2016.

Tufte, Geir Conrad, Basics and characteristics of Nordic countries. Guest lecture, Hebei Geo University, China. April 27th, 2016.   

Tufte, Geir Conrad. Digital single market in Europe. Staff seminar, Hebei Geo University, China, April 22nd, 2016.    

Tufte, Geir Conrad. EEA (European Economic Area). Guest lecture, Hebei Geo University, China. April 19th, 2016.   

Tufte, Geir Conrad. European labour markets and income allocation. Guest lecture, Hebei Geo University, China, April, 20th, 2016.

Tufte, Geir Conrad. LO and NHO in Norway. Staff seminar, Hebei Geo University, China April, 21st, 2016. 

Tufte, Geir Conrad. Nordic management models in smart public health. Staff seminar, Hebei Geo University China, April 15th, 2016.

Tomczak, Danuta Aniela,  Scandinavian model - economic policy principles and priorities in Norway. Guest lectures – 10h seminar at Tbilisi State University, Georgia, ERASMUS+ program 12-15 April 2016

Tomczak, Danuta Aniela, Gender diversity - what effects does it bring Nicolai Copernicus University in Torun, Poland? EEA grants exchange; Lectures & seminars, 22-23 March 2016.

Tufte, Geir Conrad, Hvordan blir framtida i Hvaler, Råde og Fredrikstad – sett i lys av kommunereformen? Folkemøte om kommunereformen, Fredrikstad, February 16th, 2016.

Tomczak, Danuta Aniela, Innovative gender-the equality policy setbacks and outcomes. Innogend Project Workshop presentation, University of Warsaw, Poland, February 1-2, 2016.