AreaS antologi om grenser

AreaS-gruppen arbeider med en antologi med fokus på materielle og immaterielle grenser. Boken er et tverrfaglig samarbeid innenfor statsvitenskap, språk, journalistikk, historie, kjønnsforskning og økonomi. Antologien planlegges utgitt i 2019.

Foto: Areas nye bok med publisering i september 2019: Illustrasjon: Waxmann



Boken har følgende bidrag:

  • Franck Orban & Elin Strand Larsen:  Introduction: Discussing borders – Escaping traps.
  • Torgeir Landro: Periodization and Temporal Boundaries - Defining the Middle Ages
  • Harald Borgebund: The Limits of Democracy: Between Realism and Idealism
  • Elin Strand Larsen: The Limits of Truth - A case study of Faktisk and CrossCheck
  • Franck Orban: European populism and the blurring frontier between left and right: Marine Le Pen and Jean-Luc Mélenchon at the 2017’ French presidential elections
  • Andre Avias: From borders to linguistic territories, framework of minority Francophone identities
  • Rania Maktabi: Women’s Interests in the Middle East and North Africa: Between Zones of War and Realms of Peace
  • Robert Mikkelsen: Building Walls – Building Bridges; The Role of Ethnicity in American Politics
  • Johanna M. Wagner: From Fringe to Platform: Ta(l)king Women out of the Picture: How Extreme GOP Rhetoric Sought to Silence Women’s Citizenship: 2010-2017
  • Wladimir Chavez: Another Brick in the Wall: Motion Pictures and Latin American Immigration during the Age of Trump
  • Marjo Rynning: Prerequisites for nicher savings banks’ survival – unattractive economic statistical outlook but positive political support in the local municipality?
  • Henrik Sætra : Man and His Fellow Machines -  An Exploration of the Elusive Boundary Between Man and Other Beings
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