Business Development and Governance

Business Development and Governance has been established in 2018 and has 12 members. We focus on cross-disciplinary research in two areas: "business development" and "governance". We add a governance perspective to research in the area of business administration.

We have two focus areas:

  • Business development. Business development topics touch a range of subject areas. Our members are committed to empirical research in entrepreneurship, business economics, accounting and auditing, and marketing management.
  • Governance. We are also interested in research questions related to corporate governance, network governance and institutional governance. Our members explore the co-ordination of the company with respect to the external business environment from a normative perspective.

Our research group has an active network of research collaborators in Nordic countries, France, Germany and China. We also collaborate with business practitioners in Norway, especially in Østfold. Our members adopt research-based teaching approaches with active student involvement.


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