Crossing borders in the Svinesund region

Two researchers in economics and business administration from Østfold University College took part in a funded NFR-DAAD project on borders, border practices and regional economic development including a student excursion in the Svinesund cross-border region.

From right til left: Birgit Leick (HiØ, ØSS), Birgit Glorius (Univ. of Technology Chemnitz), four students from the master course “European Studies” at University of Technology Chemnitz. Not on the picture: Theo Schewe. Picture taken by Louise Robertsson, Svinesundkommiteen, Strømstad.

Between 24 and 27 September 2018, Birgit Leick, Associate Professor Business Economic Analysis, and Theo Schewe, Associate Professor emeritus in Economics, and Associate Professor Birgit Glorius (University of Technology Chemnitz) organized a joint student excursion with German and Norwegian students. Students from marketing and communication courses at ØUC and the master programme «European Studies» at University of Technology Chemnitz, Germany, took part in several activities.

A highlight was the visit to Nordby Shopping Centre where the students did a survey among shoppers and shop owners. The focus of the excursion was on cross-border shopping tourism and economic development in the Svinesund region.

The project is part of the NFR-DAAD project “Contesting Schengen: Effects of border enforcements on economic and social cohesion in European border spaces” (2018-2019).


Emneord: Cross-border region, shopping tourism, regional development
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