Founded in 2019, LingVib stands for ‘Lingvistikk i bruk’ which in English translates into Linguistics in use. Aesthetically, LingVib also represents the linguistic vibrations reflected through the areas of expertise of its members which include morpho-syntax, phonetics, contrastive grammar, discourse analysis, pragmatics, sociolinguistics, historical linguistics, corpus linguistics, pragmatics and psycholinguistics, among others. The group consists of researcher from the Department of Business, Languages, and Social Science (ØSS) and the Department of Teacher Education (LU).

LingVib aims to research the ways linguistic structures are reflected in everyday language use. Languages may vary according to region, social class, age, gender, social context and situation, and the medium of communication whether it is writing, spoken, face-to-face, online etc.  The languages of interest include as Norwegian, English, Spanish, French, Germen, Italian, Latin, Tigrinya and Russian.

Some of the current research projects include corpus-assisted discourse analysis, specialized communication and discourses such us environmental communication, teenage language and scientific discourse.


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