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  • Cheek, Julianne (2019). Is Big Data a Dirty Word?.
  • Cheek, Julianne (2019). Ready to meet the challenge? Qualitative Inquiry and the Rise of Algorithmic Based Health Care.
  • Cheek, Julianne (2019). Resisting the colonisation of our Qualitative Inquiry and the Weakening of our Qualitative Roots by Active or Passive Capitulation to the Agendas of Others..
  • Cheek, Julianne (2019). The Really Big Digital Imperative: Connecting Big Data, Thick Data, People, Places and Organisations.
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  • Cheek, Julianne (2018). Qualitative Research Design and Methods.
  • Cheek, Julianne (2018). The question remains: Whatever happened to research programs?.
  • Cheek, Julianne (2018). Thick Data and the 4th Industrial Revolution.
  • Cheek, Julianne (2018). Why Thick Data is more important than ever before in the 4th Industrial Revolution.
  • Cheek, Julianne (2018). Why thick data is more crucial than ever before in light of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
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  • Cheek, Julianne (2016). The research marketplace: Putting a '+' in our thinking and why this matters..
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