Melanie Ruth Duckworth

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Contemporary poetry, medievalism, Australian literature, Ecocriticism, children's literature, history and belonging, representations of animals in literature.


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Innføring i kolonial og postkolonial litteratur


PhD in English Literature, The University of Leeds (2009). "Medievalism and the Langauge of Belonging in Selected Works of Les Murray, Randolph Stow, Francis Webb and Kevin Hart."

MA in Medieval English Literatures, The University of York (2004)

BAhon in English and European Studies, The University of Adelaide (2000)


Member of ASLE

Member of IRSCL


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  • Duckworth, Melanie Ruth (2019). 'Ecocritical Perspectives on Children's Texts and Cultures. Nordic Dialogues ed. by Nina Goga, Lykke Guanio-Uluru, Bjørg Oddrun Hallåsand Aslaug Nyrnes (review)'. Bookbird: A Journal of International Children's Literature.  ISSN 0006-7377.  57(3), s 78- 79
  • Duckworth, Melanie Ruth (2019). Silence, Agency and Sibling Ghosts in Sonya Hartnett's The Children of the King and Penni Russon's The Endsister.
  • Duckworth, Melanie Ruth (2019). “Transforming Environmental Myths Through Picture Books: Partnership Ethic in The Snail and the Whale and The Secret of Black Rock.”.
  • Duckworth, Melanie Ruth (2019). Wild Things at 15.
  • Duckworth, Melanie Ruth (2018). An Ecofeminist Reading of Charlotte Wood's The Natural Way of Things.
  • Duckworth, Melanie Ruth (2016). "God is Leaving Us: What Shall We Be?" Animals, Medievalism and the Language of Life in Francis Webb's "The Ghost of the Cock".
  • Duckworth, Melanie Ruth (2016). "Migratory": Kathleen Jamie's Migrating Birds and the Language of Belonging.
  • Duckworth, Melanie Ruth (2016). "My Center Not my Edge": Medievalism, Identity and Doubles in Your Shadow.
  • Duckworth, Melanie Ruth (2016). "Travelling North Together": Journeys to the North in Kathleen Jamie's Essays and Poetry.

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