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Elin Strand Larsen
½ år

SFB50316 Media Studies (Vår 2019)

Emnet er tilknyttet følgende studieprogram

  • Compulsory course in Bachelor’s Programme in International Communication.
  • Optional course for international students.


Bachelor's Programme in International Communication: 2nd semester (spring).

Studentens læringsutbytte etter bestått emne


The candidate

  • has a very sound understanding of the social role of the media and of the hallmarks of modern media dramaturgy.
  • understand the way the media desks think and function and how modern media coverage is created both national and international. 


The candidate

  • is skilled in analyzing media coverage and the role of the media in general, and in judging the media coverage of individual cases.

General competence

The candidate

  • understand the social role of the media and the way the media think and function.
  • has an ethical perspective on the role of the media.


  • Media theories and analysis
  • The role of the media
  • Media dramaturgy
  • Genre knowledge
  • The globalized media picture
  • Media ethics

Undervisnings- og læringsformer

Lectures, discussions, student presentations, media analysis assignment as supervised group work, tutorials.


The course will give the student approximately 280 hours of work



Arbeidskrav - vilkår for å avlegge eksamen

  • A media analysis is performed as group work.

The coursework must be approved before signing up for the final exam.


Written assignment, individual
The assignment is a media analysis (approx. 10 pages), defined by the course instructor. The assignment must be written in English. The course instructor gives detailed information about the assignment. 

Grades: A-F


One external and one internal or two internal examinators.

Vilkår for ny/utsatt eksamen

In the case of a Fail, the candidate may improve the assignment and resubmit it at a new exam.

If candidates wish to improve their grade a new assignment must be submitted at the next regular exam.

Evaluering av emnet

The course is evaluated by the students each semester in accordance with HiØ's quality procedures.


Last update January 10th 2019.

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