Pool of remaining places

Vacant places after the main round of admissions on programmes advertised through local admission procedures at Østfold University College are advertised on this website.

Vacant places on one-year programmes and bachelor's programmes after the main round of admissions will be advertised at the website of the Norwegian Universities and Colleges Admission Service on July 19.

At the moment, we do not have any vacant study places on any of our international programmes.  You may find a list of vacant study places on our Norwegian-speaking programmes on restetorget.

Applicants applying for admission to Norwegian-speaking programmes have to meet the admission requirements and document proficiency in the Norwegian and English language in order to be eligible for admission.

General information

To apply for a vacant place, you must register an application in Søknadsweb.

You cannot compete for vacant places before you have documented that you meet the admission requirement in full.  We will not request to see any missing documentation.

The admission round concludes when the vacancies have been filled, when it is no longer justifiable to admit new students or when the admission period ends.