British Culture

Course description

Title of course British Culture (BC)
Course code SFB40302
ECTS credits 10
Duration 1 semester
Semester 1st semester / Autumn
Language  English
Forms of instruction Lectures and seminars
Contact hours per week 4
Lecturer Henrik Bøhn / Magne Dypedahl, /

The purpose of this course is to make students familiar with basic aspects of British culture. The aim is to give students a deeper understanding of social, political, economic and historical forces that have shaped the values and behaviour of people in the United Kingdom.

· An overview of British history
· Key topics in the study of British culture
· One novel (First Among Equals)

Each student has to hand in two essays on given topics. The essays will account for 20 per cent of the overall mark. If the papers are not handed in on time, they will automatically be given the mark F (fail).

None in particular apart from intermediate knowledge of English.

Required reading

A four-hour written exam is given at the end of the semester. Relevant topics for the exam will be announced the day before. See above for obligatory course work.