International Business Programme

If you would like to apply for a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, with specialisation in International Business, please note the important information below.

Autumn Semester

Spring Semester

Global Markets
SFB13114, 10 ECTS

International Finance
SFB12614, 10 ECTS

Corporate Communication
SFB50514, 10 ECTS

Bachelor's thesis
SFB12714, 10 ECTS, English or Norwegian

International Marketing
SFB11507, 10 ECTS

International Economics
SFB11615, 10 ECTS

Norwegian as a Foreign Language 1
SFB12808, 7.5 ECTS (Optional)

Norwegian as a Foreign Language II
SFB12908, 7.5 ECTS (Optional)

Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, specialisation: International Business

The Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration with specialisation in International Business at Østfold University College requires 180 ECTS , where 60 ECTS – the final year of the Bachelor's degree – must be acquired at Østfold University College.

The applicant’s former education has to be a formally approved tertiary education at university or business college level in the home country, and equivalent to a minimum of two years of bachelor studies in business administration in Norway.

Mandatory examinations in Norwegian business education that the applicant must have passed are:

Please note, the above listed subjects need not be identical to those offered in Norway, but they should belong to the following four blocks: methodology, behavioural science, economics, and business and finance.

Other relevant subjects which are part of the curriculum at the applicant’s home institution may vary, depending on the institution’s profile and the student’s interests.

When the confirmed transcript of credits is received at our university’s international office, the applicant’s previous education will be evaluated by faculty members and the International Business Programme coordinator. The applicants will be informed whether they are eligible to receive a Bachelor's degree at Østfold University College on the following dates:

September 1 (transcripts to be delivered by semester start in mid August)
December 1 (transcripts to be delivered by 10th of November)

Should applicants not be able to completely fulfil the prerequisites (for example missing one 10 ECTS course), they may receive a conditional approval, with an obligation to pass necessary examination(s) before being granted a Bachelor's Degree.

Please note, if the applicants are ERASMUS-students coming for a one-year stay at Østfold University College, they cannot automatically be enrolled at the Bachelor's Degree programme. As stated above, their previous education needs to be approved.

Nevertheless, all exchange students may take courses offered in the International Business Programme, in the first or second semester, if they meet the necessary prerequisites.