Nordic citizenship education

– Visions and traditions of civic life and culture

Discover Beautiful Norway!

Are you interested in the Nordic perspectives on civic society and education? How have the perspectives changed through the ages, and what has caused these changes? How are the perspectives on democracy and responsible citizenship visible in the Nordic societies today? Which environmental and cultural challenges are present in the region? How does the global cultures influence the local cultures?

This programme will give you tools to explore and investigate these questions.

Here you se a picture of the international student at Østfold University College 2016.
International students at Østfold University College 2016.

The Faculty of Education at Østfold University College in Norway, is launching a new programme for international students:

Nordic Citizenship Education
– visions and traditions of civil society and culture
Autumn Spring
Nordic educational history, politics and philosophy Nordic visions on responsible citizenship

Worldviews in the Nordic society  past and present

«One school for all»
 including exceptional children
Aesthetics in Nordic education and society Open Air Wisdom and Deep Ecology – Environmental ethics and politics Staging citizenship
– Art and Democracy


The programme offers you exotic trips in the Nordic wilderness as well as an insight in civic life and education. There will be possibilities to borrow necessary equipment from the college (f. ex. sleeping bag, tent, woolen clothes and so on).

The programme is an international alternative to social studies. Students may take the courses as a full-year study, single semester or as individual courses.

Contact persons

Gunhild Brænne BjørnstadAndrew Thomas and Tom Sverre Tomren.

Here you see a picture of Campus Halden in winter.
Østfold University College in winter.