The Studentombud

How can the Studentombud help you?

The Studentombud ensures that your rights as a student are safeguarded.

The Studentombud provides impartial, legal counceling related to your academic life. 

The service is free of charge. The Studentombud is bound by professional secrecy. 


Contact the Studentombud


Studentombud: Aina Karlstad




Studentombudet provides aid in student cases of censurable conditions (Whistle blowing). Whistle blowing should be considered if you as a student have experienced;

  • Unethical, illegal, or punishable conditions associated with the learning and work environment, pollution, corruption, misuse of public resources or abuse of power
  • Problems or deficiencies that can contribute to serious injury or loss of life
  • Students being bullied, harassed, or discriminated against in connected with their studies at HiØ.

The Studentombud can help you if you wish to report such beforementioned experiences, and give aid and advice before, during and after filing the report. All aid will be confidential and you may also report anonymously.

Whether your concern involves another student, a staff member, an administrator, or faculty member, the Studentombud is available to help.


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