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Name Position Phone E-mail Tags
Afdal, Geir Sigmund Professor +4769608227 The Digital Society, DigiEd
Picture of Hilde Wågsås Afdal Afdal, Hilde Wågsås Professor +4769608228 +4797566558 The Digital Society, DigiEd
Ager, Elise Mary Løkken Executive Officer +4769608229
Picture of Tore Marius Akerbæk Akerbæk, Tore Marius Assistant Professor +4769608399 Web development, Web design, Communication, Teaching, Programming
Akerbæk, Trond Henry External Affiliation
Picture of Mari-Ann Akerjord Akerjord, Mari-Ann Head of Studies +4769608012
Ali Hussain, Aia Apprentice +4769608616
Picture of Mostafa Aliyari Aliyari, Mostafa Doctoral Research Fellow +4769608479
Picture of Annika Mörte Alling Alling, Annika Mörte Associate Professor +4769608443
Alsemmani, Julian Ihsan Executive Officer +4769608230
Picture of Cecilia Alvstad Alvstad, Cecilia Head of Department +4769608073
Andersen, Anne Grethe Cleaning Officer
Picture of Fred Carlo Andersen Andersen, Fred Carlo Associate Professor +4769608101
Picture of Fredrik Andersen Andersen, Fredrik Associate Professor +4769608806 +4795032976 The Digital Society, DigiWork
Picture of Kirsti Lauvli Andersen Andersen, Kirsti Lauvli Vice-Dean of Education +4769608693
Andersen, Tormod Christian Hovdegaard Operating Technician +4769608200 +4794523963
Picture of Gunnar Andersson Andersson, Gunnar Associate Professor +4769608711 +4792858976
Picture of Elin Kristin Ajer Stenersrød Andreassen Andreassen, Elin Kristin Ajer Stenersrød Head Engineer +4769608033
Andreassen, Hilde Marie Assistant Professor +4769608694
Picture of John Erik Andreassen Andreassen, John Erik Associate Professor +4769608140 +4791856900