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STAS projects

During spring 2021, our main project is the grammar-course A flying start in language – an introduction to linguistics for all students attending language subjects at Østfold University College. The course pilot will run in august 2021.

In autumn 2020, STAS launched a scholarship scheme for projects in education aiming at enhancing the education quality and highlight development in the language subjects at ØUC. The following projects received support:

  • Bruk av barne- og ungdomslitteratur i engelskopplæringen (Ingebjørg Mellegård, ØSS; Kathrine Staksrud, ØSS; Astrid Elisabeth Kure, ØSS)
  • Litteraturundervisning i det virtuelle klasserommet. Et bidrag til nettdidaktikk (Peter Langemeyer, ØSS)
  • Utvikling av et strukturert skriveundervisningsopplegg på 9. trinn (Virginia Lockhart Pedersen, Fremmedspråksenteret)

New scholarships will be announced in 2021. 

In spring 2019, Språkfika resurrected (språk means ‘language’, fika is a Swedish word for ‘having coffee and a snack in pleasant circumstances’), a bimonthly seminar for and by students and staff in the language subjects. The seminar will be continued when the campus is reopened.  

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