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DigiTech focuses on the technological foundation of a digital society. DigiTech's IT researchers concentrate their research efforts on machine learning, artificial intelligence, industrial IT, and the development and design of large and interactive information systems.

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DigiTech covers a broad range of computing fields of research, such as computer engineering, robotics, artificial intelligence, software engineering, user involvement, IT strategy and management, data science, privacy and cybersecurity. The field of computing currently influences business, science, engineering, education and health as well as many other areas of human endeavours.

DigiTech is presently developing a wide panoply of projects. These range from basic research in computing that are later used in digitalisation processes to applied and cross-disciplinary projects aiming at developing, investigating and applying technological solutions in domains like utilities, health and welfare, education, industry, public management and information technology itself. 

Research Groups and Projects

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Below are some of DigiTech's research groups and their corresponding research projects:

Machine Learning (ML)

Projects under the Research Group: Machine Learning (ML) 

  1. Decision Support in Health Care using Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  2. Hugin-Munin: Enhanced Access to Norwegian Cultural Heritage using AI-driven Handwriting Recognition
  3. Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Assessment for Learning (AfL) to Improve Learning and Teaching in 21st Century (AI4AfL)

Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS)

Projects under the Research Group: Cyber-Physical Systems (CPSForsk)

  1. Arrowhead tools
  2. Productive4.0 
  3. Critical Speed function and Automatic speed control function ahead of a dangerous road section (CriSP)

Interaction Design (FiXD)

Projects under the Research Group: Interaction Design (FiXD) 

  1. State-of-the-art living labs
  2. pARTiciPED: Empowering student teachers as agents of change in cross-sectorial collaborations using The Cultural Schoolbag (TCS) in Norway as learning platform
  4. Explorations in Learning Digital Competences and Programming

Information Systems and Software Engineering (ISSE)

Projects under the Research Group: Information Systems and Software Engineering (ISSE)

  1. Smart, transparent and sustainable food supply chains
  2. Reinforcing competence in cybersecurity of critical infrastructures: a Norway-US partnership
  3. User-centred Security Framework for Social Robots in Public Space

About our Researchers

Professor Dr. Ricardo Colomo-Palacios
Professor Dr. Ricardo Colomo-Palacios.

Computer science researchers associated with DigiTech belong to one of four research groups, which are listed above under Research Activities. The majority of DigiTech professors and PhD students are based at the Department of Computer Science and Communication, which is part of the Faculty of Computer Science, Engineering and Economics. The faculty is headed by Dean Harald Holone and is located at both Campuses in Fredrikstad and Halden. It has around 100 employees and 1850 students distributed on three departments:

The main contributors to DigiTech include

Professor Stefano Nichele (coordinator)

Professor Øystein Haugen (coordinator)

Professor Maben Rabi

Professor Stefan Sütterlin

Associate Professor Sukalpa Chanda

Associate Professor Georgios Marentakis

Associate Professor Hassan Ogul

Associate Professor Kazi Shah Nawaz Ripon

Associate Professor Joakim Karlsen

Associate Professor Mary L. Sanchez-Gordon

Associate Professor Susanne Stigberg

Associate Professor Thi Thuy Nga Dinh

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