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Learning outcomes (2019–2022)

Degree/title obtained

Bachelor in Acting

Learning outcomes

The Bachelor programme in acting educates actors who can work independently on their own theatrical productions and/or other performative functions of productions in the expanded field staged by directors, choreographers or other artists.

A candidate who has completed his or her qualification should have the following learning outcomes defined in terms of knowledge, skills and general competence:

The candidate has acquired:

  • critical and practical perspective on the various foundational tools and methods of experimentation within the contemporary acting field and related theories

  • knowledge in terms of history and theory of various art fields related to the performing arts (history & theory)

  • the knowledge to put artistic intentions and critical reflections of his/her own and others' art works into words and to write applications for funding (critical reflection & application writing)

  • a deeper theoretical and practical knowledge of laboratory methods for working in space as an actor: including the impact of decisions made around light, sound, composition in space and collaboration with materials

The candidate has acquired:

  • the ability to collaboratively conceive, develop and communicate artistic concepts

  • the knowledge to develop an artistic concept based on a given or independently chosen topic (concept development)

  • the knowledge to structure, organise and follow up the process of creating and realizing an art work (project planning)

  • the knowledge of independently creating a holistic performing arts project from the conception to implementation and realization (realization of artistic concept)

General competence
The candidate has acquired:

  • the knowledge of working methods of other related art fields and how these can be used to widen one's respective field of study (interdisciplinarity)

  • the knowledge to bring theory and practice into balance while continuously reflecting both sides (theory & practice)

  • the knowledge of collaborating in small structures with other artists, curators, technicians, etc in a symbiotic process while maintaining respect for all involved parties and being aware of all components of a work of performing arts (collaboration & ethics)

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