Semester fees

The annual semester fee is distributed as follows:


Per semester

Foundation for Student Life (SiØ)

NOK 370

Materials/copy fee

NOK 220

SAIH (optional)

NOK 10


NOK 600

The payment deadline for the semester fee is 1 September. Students who are granted admission after this date must pay immediately. Exchange students from partner institutions do not have to pay the semester fee at Østfold University College.  

If you are paying the semester fee from a foreign bank account, you may need the following information:


IBAN: NO92 7694 0512 650

The amount must be paid in Norwegian Kroner (NOK).

After you have registered at Østfold University College, you will find information in Studentweb on how to pay the semester fee.

Reimbursment of semester fee

If you decide not to accept the offer of admission or wish to discontinue your studies before 15 September, you may apply for reimbursement of the semester fee.

The application for reimbursement of a semester fee must be send by email to the campus administration. You must also confirm that you no longer wish to continue your studies.

Campus administration:


In the event of reimbursement of a semester fee, you will have to hand in your Student ID. If you have any other questions regarding the semester fee, please contact the campus administration.

Studying at more than one university/university college?

If you are studying at more than one university/university college, you only need to pay a fee to the Foundation for Student Life at one of the institutions while the materials/copy fee must be paid at both institutions.

External examination venues

Examinations are normally held at the institution where the programme is taught. However, you can apply to take the examination at an external examination venue.

In such case, the student must pay an administration fee per exam to Østfold University College:
-Exams taken at another Norwegian university college/university: NOK 700 per exam.
-Exams taken abroad at an embassy, consulate or higher education institution: NOK 1,000 per exam.

The fee does not apply to students studying abroad at another institution as part of an exchange programme, nor does it apply to students taking oral examinations online.

Students must also cover the fees (for exam invigilators, venue, administration etc.) required by the institution where the exam is taking place. You must pay this directly to the examination venue.

External students taking an exam at Østfold University College

Students from other university colleges/universities who are not registered as students at Østfold University College must pay NOK 1,000 per exam and additional costs relating to exam invigilators.

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