Semester registration

You must register in Studentweb every semester. 

How to register:

• Log in to Studentweb with your username and password. Log in with the login option "Feide".
• Start the registration process by clicking the button "Start registration"
• Follow the instructions and complete the steps of the semester registration:

Step 1: Rights and Duties. Here, you will confirm that you have read and understood important documents and regulations that apply to Østfold University College.
Step 2: The Individual Education Plan. This provides an overview of your courses in the current semester and access to courses in past/future semesters.  
Step 3: My Profile. Here, you can update your address, phone number, email address, pin code and emergency contact information. You will also be asked to choose a campus library and consent to the sharing of exams results.
Step 4: Receipt. You will receive a receipt by email when the registration is completed.

If your individual education plan is not correct, please contact the campus administration.

Once you have completed your registration and paid the semester fee, you have successfully enrolled in classes and are registered for exams/assessments in the current semester. You will also have access to Canvas. You must complete this procedure every semester.

Declaration of secrecy

In accordance with Section 4-6 of the Universities and University College Act No. 15 of 1 April 2005,  students at Østfold University College are subject to a duty of secrecy.

Students are required to sign a declaration of secrecy confirming that they are aware of the duty of secrecy and what it entails. The declaration of secrecy is signed electronically in Studentweb as part of the semester registration.

Declaration of secrecy

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