Student identity card

Student identity cards and ID app


Student identity cards

Student identity cards are used as key cards for the building’s entrance doors outside normal opening hours. You can also add money to them so that you can use the college’s printers and photocopiers for printing or copying. Student identity cards are ordered online and will be sent to your home in the post.

Services on the order form:

  • Ordering new student identity cards
  • Creating or changing a code on a student identity card
  • Uploading photos (to the Student Identity Card app)
  • Replacing lost student identity cards (NOK 100)

If you lose your student identity card you must notify the college.

If you discontinue your studies you must return your student identity card to your study institution.


Student ID app

The Student ID app provides proof that you are a student for the Student Welfare Organisation and public transport companies, etc. In order for it to be valid you will need to have paid your semester fees and registered for the semester in question on Studentweb. If no photo of you is displayed in the app, you will need to show another type of valid ID along with the app.

Download the Student ID app from your app store (Supplier Computas): App Store (iOS)Google Play (Android) or Windows Store.

  • Open the app (this requires access to the Internet)
  • Select your study institution
  • Log in using your usual username and password which has been provided by your study institution 
  • Read the Declaration of Consent and accept (the app can only be used if your give your consent)
  • Read the Terms and Conditions and accept (the app can only be used if your accept the Terms and Conditions

If you have paid your semester fees and registered for the semester in question, this will be displayed in the yellow box at the bottom of the page. The actual receipt is stored in the app, so once you have logged in and registered payment of your semester fees in the app, it can be used without access to the Internet.

NB! Please remember to update the information in the app at the start of each new semester (Click on “Update” in the app).


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