Special needs adaptations

If you have an illness, functional impairment or other difficulties that make studying more challenging, you may be entitled to special adaptation. Please contact us as soon as possible at specialneeds@hiof.no.

Special adaptation of study environment

The sooner we are made aware of your need for special adaptation, the sooner we can start planning for your arrival. Please bring a medical certificate documenting your need for special adaption. We request that all international students obtain the required documentation from their home country before arriving in Norway.

Special examination arrangements

If, for medical or other reasons, you require special arrangements in connection with an examination, you must apply accordingly using this digital application form (in Norwegian) within the registration deadline for the examination:

  • 15 September for exams in the autumn semester
  • 1 March for exams in the spring semester

Exceptions can be made from the deadline when the need for special arrangements is unforeseen. The need for special arrangements must be documented by a doctor or another relevant authority in a recently issued certificate.  

Leave of Absense

Information regarding how to apply for a leave of absense, click here.

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