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Research on Working Life, Professions, and Services (2015-2018)

This priority area received funding from 2015 to 2018.

Scandinavian traditions, imported solutions and local adjustments

This priority area aims at contributing with increased knowledge about the connections between new forms of organisation, work organisation, working conditions and service quality. Several studies have shown that the goals which new forms of organisation wish to reach and their intentions not necessarily lead to the fact that work is organised according to the same goals and intentions. Knowledge about the connections outlined show that new concepts of organisation lead to many different consequences: That goals and intentions are realised, but also that unintended consequences may act negatively upon working conditions and service quality, or that one cannot point out changes in these factors. Precisely because there is no clear connection between these factors, there is a need for empirical studies which can provide a more solid platform of knowledge on processes of change in Norwegian working life – especially in the public sector.

Within the frame of the priority area we will focus on the connection between the introduction of new forms of governance in the public sector and its consequences. In general, we will study this connection by focusing on two fields of work: higher education and health and welfare services.

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