Printing service/copy room at HiØ

The printing service helps students and staff throughout HiØ to copy:

  • Compendiums - sold to students in Index

  • Photocopies to be distributed by societies
  • Booklets - for use in teaching and as information materials
  • Posters and information materials for the university college
  • Project assignments - master theses - doctoral theses
  • Other printing tasks for students and staff
  • Binding of printed material

Copies used in teaching, posters and other information materials for the University College are free of charge. For other orders, see prices.

Contact the printing service 69608077 or postal service 69608078
Common e-mail:

Opening hours for printing/postal services at Remmen:
Monday - Friday: 08:00 -15:30 (NOTE! The printing facility closes at 15:00 in the period 15 May – 14 September)
Lunch is from 11:30-12:00