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IT support for conferences and events

IT Support (IT-vakt) needs information on technical needs that must be met in connection with events at the University College premises. Information is sent by e-mail to the IT support as soon as you know the time and place of the event and no later than 14 days before the event is to be held.

Send e-mail to IT-vakt

Required information to be reported

Event name:
Date of event including time of day:
Responsible contact person (s) for the event:

Should there be wireless access for participants? YES NO

Do participants need access to printing during the event? YES NO

It is desirable to have a brief training of the hosts to be present in the room during the sessions.
The training includes possible error situations that may occur in connection with session startup, and takes approx. 10 minutes + questions
Desired time for training of hosts:

Room number:
Days to use the room:
For every day:
Time periods to use for the event:
Name of responsible host from the department / unit present during the organizer session:
Need a technical person present in addition at startup? YES NO
If YES, specify needs:

FOR EVERY ROOM AND DAY - Is the following required?
PC standing in the room: YES / NO
Carrying computer: YES / NO
Specify type of computer:
Projector: YES / NO
Document camera: YES / NO
Canvas: YES / NO
Program sound: YES / NO
Simultaneous microphones (headset / mosquito): YES / NO

This does NOT mean that every need can be met in every room.
Note: Equipment is not moved to premises outside the college.


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