National Identity Number

Students that stay in Norway for more than six months are eligible  to receive a national idenification number. Below you will find information about the ID numbers and about the process for obtaining your identity number.

Norwegian Identification Number

There are two types of idenification numbers: D number (temporary) and National ID number (permanent).

The National ID number is required to:

Become a member of the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme
Register for a general practitioner
Order a tax deduction card 
Open a Norwegian bank account

Remember to keep the Norwegian Tax Administration updated on your address, even after you leave Norway. Government agencies in Norway will send post to the address that is registered in the National Registry. If the address is incorrect, you may miss important information. Everyone who moves within Norway must report to the National Population Register within eight days of moving.

EU/EEA citizens

EU/EEA students staying for more that six months must register in the National Registry. Students must first have registered with the police before booking an appointment. Students at Østfold University College must book appointments at Skatt Øst Grålum (Sarpborg). Book your appointment here:

Before your appointment, download and complete the Notification of a move to Norway from abroad.

You must also bring the following documents to your appointment:

  • Police registration certificate 
  • Passport
  • Tenancy contract
  • Admission letter

Non-EU/non-EEA citizens

Non-EU/non-EEA students will register for the National Registry at the same time as they meet with the police to order their residence permit card. The police will notify Skatt Øst (Tax Administration)  and Skatt Øst will send you a letter with your ID number in the mail.

It is important that you register the correct address with the police and that you notify them if you change your address.

  • Staying for 2 semesters or more (more than 6 months)
    You are entitled to a National ID number. If you receive a D-number from Skatt Øst, you should follow the instructions in the letter and request a National ID number.
  • Staying for 1 semester (less than 6 months)
    You are eligible for a D-number.

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