About the center

The Norwegian National Centre for English and other Foreign Languages in Education shall:

  • help enable all children, young people and adults to receive equal and adapted education and training of a high quality in an inclusive environment.
  • work to improve the quality of foreign language education and to increase motivation and interest in foreign languages.
  • continue its work with dissemination of research of practice-oriented activities that support foreign language education. Relevant target groups for this work are the teacher training institutions, leaders and staff members of kindergartens and schools, and the educational and psychological counselling service.
  • enable kindergartens and schools to interpret and operationalize the framework plan and the curricula.
  • support other institutions, especially teacher education, in their work with building competency in schools and kindergartens.

When needed the Centre shall act within its field as an adviser for educational authorities. The Foreign Language Centre shall continue its work internationally, attending to the relationships and duties with relevant collaborators.