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AI4AfL- Artificial Intelligence for Assessment for Learning to Improve Learning and Teaching in 21st Century

Understanding how to go about learning to be able to engage in lifelong learning is crucial for learners in the 21st century. Assessment for learning (AfL) is one of the strategies to develop such an understanding with learners and it has been a priority area in Norwegian schools since 2010. However, educational practice shows that AfL is extremely time and resource consuming process. In addition, teachers need to develop their profound understanding of the AfL approach to be able to design meaningful activities for learners to enhance their understanding of the target concepts and their capacity in learning to learn.

About the project

The AI4AfL is an interdisciplinary project that will combine the efforts of the pedagogy, IT researchers and Hypatia Learning company to achieve the projects’ goals. Two PhD candidates will be employed in the project affiliated with the Faculty of Teacher Education and Languages and the Faculty of Computer Sciences, Engineering and Economics at Østfold University College.

In summary, the AI4AfL project will foster collaboration among research environments, a private company Hypatia Learning and schools in Halden Municipality. Such collaboration is vital not only to develop technology that supports pedagogical practice but also to minimise the gap between the developers of educational technology, teachers and students who are consumers of such technology. In doing so, the project’s participants will contribute to develop new knowledge about how AI can improve pedagogical practice and students’ learning in Norwegian classrooms.

Project period

01.11.2021 - 31.10.2025

Project type

Collaborative and Knowledge-building Project


The project Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Assessment for Learning (AfL) to Improve Learning and Teaching in 21st Century (AI4AfL) aims to develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that is able to analyse students’ texts and offer semantic, syntactic and sentimental feedback. Such feedback is tailored to the needs of each individual student and can be used to improve learners’ written texts. In addition, the AI technology will help teachers to facilitate students’ writing process and address their individual needs.

The project also aims (i) to examine how students interact with the technology and the feedback it offers and (ii) how teachers organise and facilitate students’ learning during the writing process with the AI technology. In doing so, the project will develop new knowledge about students’ learning in the writing process with the AI technology, teachers’’ facilitating of such process and the development of students’ capacity in learning to learn.


Total budget- 19,1 million NOK. From Research Council of Norway - 11,2 million NOK 


Høgskolen i Østfold 
Høgskolen i Volda 


Tags: The Digital Society, DDS, DigiEd
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