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Name Position Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Geir Sigmund Afdal Afdal, Geir Sigmund Professor +4769608227 The Digital Society, DigiEd
Picture of Hilde Wågsås Afdal Afdal, Hilde Wågsås Professor +4769608228 +4797566558 The Digital Society, DigiEd
Picture of Annika Mörte Alling Alling, Annika Mörte Associate Professor +4769608443
Picture of Cecilia Alvstad Alvstad, Cecilia Professor +4769608073 Spanish, Spanish Linguistics, Translation Studies, Literary Translation, Comparative Literature
Andreassen, Marianne Assistant Professor +4769608119
Picture of Ragnar Arntzen Arntzen, Ragnar Professor
Picture of Marcus Axelsson Axelsson, Marcus Associate Professor +4769608347
Picture of Rolf Kristian Baltzersen Baltzersen, Rolf Kristian Professor +4769608235 +4741232522
Picture of Karl Kristian Swane Bambini Bambini, Karl Kristian Swane Doctoral Research Fellow +4769608524
Baral, Lekh Nath Doctoral Research Fellow +4769608236
Behre, Viktoria Börjesson Associate Professor +4769608449
Picture of Kjartan Belseth Belseth, Kjartan Associate Professor +4769608369 +4746684317
Berg, Laila Associate Professor +4769608149
Picture of Stein Arnold Berggren Berggren, Stein Arnold Assistant Professor +4769608237
Bergsjø, Leonora Onarheim Associate Professor +4769608401
Picture of Bosse Bergstedt Bergstedt, Bosse Professor +4769608076
Picture of Christian Bjørn Bjerke Bjerke, Christian Bjørn Associate Professor +4769608240 +4791556019 Ordriket, teaching at beginners level, curriculum
Picture of Fred Rune Bjordal Bjordal, Fred Rune Doctoral Research Fellow +4769608363
Picture of Eva Margareta Lambertsson Björk Björk, Eva Margareta Lambertsson Associate Professor +4769608145
Picture of Camilla Bjørke Bjørke, Camilla Associate Professor +4769608241 +4790759221