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About the Faculty

The Faculty of Teacher Education and Languages is situated in Halden southeast in Norway. We have 175 employees and approximately 2,700 students. In addition, we collaborate with emloyees in nearly 140 kindergartens and schools across the county regarding traning of our students.

The faculty offers studies in languages and teacher educations for kindergarten, primary and secondary school.


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  • The photo shows a man in his boat at the sea. The sky is blue with only a few clouds. There are som small waves in the sea. Learning together - education for multicultural democracies Sep. 5, 2022

    Finally the Norwegian and Zanzibarian project partners in the NoZa – intercultural mobility project met physically, to develope a joint course in Teacher Education.

  • The picture shows pieces of paper lying on the floor. International perspectives on school and education Apr. 4, 2022

    Teacher students from the Netherlands and international students from Kenya and Zanzibar visited schools in Halden and Østfold University College last week, to learn how the Norwegian education system works.

  • Illustrasjon av bøker, PC og EØS-midler logo ØUC participation in EEA/Norway Grants project: Blended learning in vocational education and training Dec. 16, 2021

    The Østfold University College (ØUC) academic community for ICT in teaching and learning is proud to be a partner in a new 3-year project funded by the EEA and Norway Grants. Blended learning in vocational education and training (BlendVET) aims to facilitate the use of digital technologies in teaching and learning in vocational and technical schools.

  • Child in tree So much more than just a tree: plants in Children’s and Young Adult Literature Dec. 1, 2021

    From the forests of the tales of the Brothers Grimm to Enid Blyton’s The Faraway Tree, from the flowers of Cicely Mary Barker’s fairies to the treehouse in Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton’s popular 13-Storey Treehouse series, trees and other plants have been enduring features of stories for children and young adults. The brand-new book Plants in Children’s and Young Adult Literature, co-edited by Associate Professor Melanie Duckworth (Østfold University College) and Professor Lykke Guanio-Uluru (Western Norway University of Applied Sciences), maps out and presents an internationally inclusive view of plant representation in texts for children and young adults – and shows how this is far more than just a fairy tale.


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