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What is referencing?

Referencing is the method we use in order to state which information sources/documents we have cited in our paper.

The two parts of referencing

  1. In-text-citations, which are short, parenthetical references in your text. They have to be written directly after the citations of other people's work.
  2. References, in an alphabetical ordered list at the end of your essay, where you state all the information sources you have cited in your text. 

Please note: the in-text-citations must refer to specific entries in the list of references.

Why referencing?

  •  to give the reader of our paper the possibility to retrieve the information sources we have cited, and to see for themselves if we have cited correctly.
  •  to avoid plagiarism

In addition, referencing supports our argumentation and shows knowledge of relevant and up-to-date literature in the subject.

OK, but how to do it?

The Citation Compass shows how to make in-text-citations and reference list entries to a huge variety of information sources.

The library recommends the referencing style APA 6th, which is used in The Citation Compass. This referencing style is widely used. Besides, your teacher might prefer another referencing style, so you should ask the person concerned before you start writing your paper.

(For students at the English department only: the MLA-style).


The organization of references and literature is an essential part of the writing process. With EndNote you can import references from various databases, organize the references and save the full text of articles. You can easily produce a reference list based on the references in your manuscript.

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