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How to write a paper?

Some students have problems starting the academic writing process and carry it through, including the aspects of problem statement, literature search, structuring the paper, giving references, carrying out an analysis and a discussion, as well as concluding and evaluating. The following pages will give you a "toolbox" consisting of tips and recommendations.

How to start writing - the planning process

Problem statement
Information search
Structuring the paper
Recipients and function
Source criticism

The writing process 

Text structure
Language and style

Document format

Templates for bachelor- and masterthesises (not frontpages. Microsoft Word, LibreOffice Writer and LaTeX/Overleaf)
Margins, fonts, line spacing, etc.

These web pages contain recommendations for students and teachers at the Østfold University College. They have been written by members of the Quality of Education Committee (Studiekvalitetsutvalget) and librarians at the Østfold University College, and translated to the English by Associate Professor Bjørg Hellum at the Faculty of Business, Foreign Languages, and Social Sciences. The student writings have been published with kind permission by each of the authors.

The Academic Writing Centre in Fredrikstad and Halden

Student assistants can help you with your assignments.

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