Irina Nikolskaja Roddvik

Institutt for økonomi, innovasjon og samfunn
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Faglige interesser

Internationalization processes in MNCs  and SMEs

International marketing

International business

Entrepereunership in international markets


Cross-cultural management and communication

Governance in business and organizations

CSR - issues

Ethical business

Management control

Behavior control

Communication in organizations

Travel of ideas

Narratives in organizations


Business games for teaching

Comparative studies


English literature, Russian literature


Accelerated learning based on Professor Lozanov method





PhD in comparative literature and philosophy: English literature, Russian literature, philosophy of Platon, Moscow State pedagogical University

PhD in Business, Nord University

20 years in business -  worked in Telenor Group with the international external and corporate affairs, marketing communication and information

Teaching experiences from University of South-East Norway ( USN)  - cross-cultural communication; international business in International  Marketing Studies

Teaching experiences from Nord University - different courses in management control, internationalization for bachelor and master students

Teaching experiences from Russia, Ukraine in business administration

Teaching experiences from Russia in comparative literature and rhetoric 

Teaching experiences from international MBA programs from St.Petersburg,  Moscow  (MBA program, for Rosneft)

Close co-operation with the Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce (NRCC) and Norwegian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce (NUCC): Ung entrepreneurship;  Business Forums; Seminars; Presentations; Participation in different arenas

Press-secretary experiences on several big business forums 



International order "Golden shield of economy" by Swedish-Russian Development Assembly
Personal recognition by the Foreign Minister of Ukraine


Medlem i UHR-ØA

Board member of Dissimillis  2006-2012 
Deputy member of the Board Norwegian-Russian Chamber of commerce, leader for the program committee 2003- 2013


Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce (NRCC)  

Norwegian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce (NUCC)

IFSA (International Fund for Social Adaptation) and the alliance of 15 Ukrainians universities

Lviv Polytechnical University

Katowice Economical University

Nord University



Nordic MBA program - cooperation

MBA program between the Baltic Technological University an Nord University



  • Roddvik, Irina Nikolskaja & Leick, Birgit (2023). Illusion and Deprivation of Control: Entrepreneurial Practices of SMEs During their Internationalisation in Russia. I Jafari-Sadeghi, Vahid & Dana, Leo-Paul (Red.), International Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets: Contexts, Behaviours, and Successful Entry. Routledge. ISSN 9781032110868. s. 297–315.
  • Roddvik, Irina Nikolskaja; Leick, Birgit & Roddvik, Viktor (2022). Norwegian entrepreneurs (1880-1930s) and their “new America”: a historical perspective on transnational entrepreneurship and ecosystem development in the Russian Arctic. Journal of Management History. ISSN 1751-1348. 28(4), s. 530–552. doi: 10.1108/JMH-11-2021-0067. Fulltekst i vitenarkiv
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  • Roddvik, Irina Nikolskaja (2022). The social-economic models in a global world. Case - Norway - a focus on the innovative approach.
  • Roddvik, Irina Nikolskaja (2022). Tverrfaglig samarbeid mellom forsknngsgruppene ved Instituttet for Økonomi, Innovasjon og Samfunn.
  • Roddvik, Irina Nikolskaja (2022). Launch of DigiBest ( Digital Business, Economy, Society and Trade).
  • Roddvik, Irina Nikolskaja (2022). Lecture for ELSE project ( cooperation Norway-China) students "Sustainable consumption" .
  • Roddvik, Irina Nikolskaja (2022). Lecture " Important technological trend which influence people and markeds.
  • Roddvik, Irina Nikolskaja (2022). MBA workshop i regi av Nord Universitet - Presentations of master thesis ( theory and practice) .
  • Roddvik, Irina Nikolskaja; Bourmistrov, Anatoli & Leick, Birgit (2022). From “individual consultants” to “a DNA pool”: Tuning the institution of expatriates during the internationalisation of a Norwegian MNC (Roddvik. I., Bourmistrov, A., Leick, B.) .
  • Leick, Birgit; Gretzinger, Susanne & Roddvik, Irina Nikolskaja (2022). Creative-artistic entrepreneurs and how they become embedded in non-urban places: Unveiling the ‘black box’ through a resource exchange and network embeddedness logic.
  • Roddvik, Irina Nikolskaja; Leick, Birgit & Gretzinger, Susanne (2022). Embeddedness of creative-artistic entrepreneurs in non-urban places: unveiling the ‘black box’ through a resource-exchange and network embeddedness logic. NCSB conferance.
  • Roddvik, Irina Nikolskaja (2020). Internal and external control in the process of internationalization.
  • Roddvik, Irina Nikolskaja (2020). Philosophy of science and qualitative methods.
  • Roddvik, Irina Nikolskaja (2020). Å finne muligheter i kriser (case: russiske forfattere i 19 og 20 århundre).
  • Roddvik, Irina Nikolskaja (2019). The package og controls.
  • Roddvik, Irina Nikolskaja (2019). The process of internationalization ( a case study: a Norwegian MNC).
  • Roddvik, Irina Nikolskaja (2019). The success factors in establishing of business on the new markets.
  • Roddvik, Irina Nikolskaja (2019). Hvorfor er det viktig å forstå lokale tradisjoner og mentalitet hvid selskapet jobber internasjonalt ( business kultur og tradisjoner i Russland - seminar for norske forettnigsmenn).
  • Roddvik, Irina Nikolskaja & Bourmistrov, Anatoli (2017). The evolution of the role of expatriates in the process of the internationalization ( a case study: a Norwegian MNC).
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  • Roddvik, Irina Nikolskaja (2019). Deprivation of control: A driving force to gain influence during the internationalization process of MNC ( a case study: a Norwegian multinational corporation). Nord Universitet. ISSN 978-82-92893-64-7. Fulltekst i vitenarkiv
  • Roddvik, Irina Nikolskaja (1994). Traditsii platonizma v russkoy i angliyskoy literature (L. Tolstoy i A. Merdok - sravnitel'nyy analiz)Traditions of Platonism in Russian and English literature (L. Tolstoy and Iris Murdoch). Moskovskij pedagogicheskij gosudarstvennyj universitet Internasjonal tittel Moscow State Pedagogical University .

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