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Bachelor Scenography & Bachelor Acting

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At NTA, we educate acting and scenography students in contemporary theatre from the undergraduate to post-graduate levels. Students work closely together to generate new original works informed by compositional strategies found in theatre, music and architecture. Our practices are based in research, in seeking relationships and potentials produced by theatre and in investigating how performance can engage in both a space and the public via the senses while simultaneously stimulating critical discourse and thought. For almost 20 years the education has invited groundtaking international guests artists to create unique projects in conjunction with students.



i dag feb.
17:00, NTA, streets city center, the old brewery
22 feb.
NTA, streets city center, the old brewery
23 feb.
NTA, streets city center, the old brewery
28 feb.
10:00, VEGA SCENE, Oslo
01 mars
27 mars
19:00, Black Box teater, Oslo


  • fb-banner-ind-white Final Independent Productions 2019 15. feb. 2019

    On February 21-23, NTA's graduating students in acting and scenography presents their Final Independent Productions. Five different productions presented all three days in different locations in Fredrikstad.

  • miriamred - You invest your time, your emotions, I guess your whole self 8. feb. 2019

    Miriam (27) was looking for a place where she could combine her interests and be part of an international community. She found just that as a scenography student at Norwegian Theatre Academy, where she soon will be graduating. Read the soon-to-be alumni student interview to learn more about being a scnography student at NTA.

  • marina2-red - It is a solid base for your mind and body and a thrilling arts education 7. feb. 2019

    Marina Popovic (31) has been busy since graduating her acting studies at Norwegian Theatre Academy. She has been touring internationally and acted in several projects for stage and screen. She is now working in a full time position at the regional theatre Teater Ibsen in Skien. Read the alumni student interview to learn more about being an acting student at NTA.

  • orfeus_stiger_ner-3_190122-24 Orfeus stiger ner 26. jan. 2019

    On Friday 25th January 2019, " Orfeus stiger ner" opened in Dramatens Elverket in Stockholm, where our 3rd year scenography student Miriam Myrthel Pedersen has been an incredibly fabulous director's and scenographer's assistant, and Serge von Arx (artistic director for scenography) was in charge of the scenography.

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