The research group that looks forward and Eastward!


The Eurasia research group aims to build, support, and deploy multi-disciplinary expertise in the social sciences generally and in business related fields of research in particular, in close cooperation with our international partners in Eurasia.

Our efforts to increase the quality and reach of research dovetails with the broader strategies and internationalization goals of Østfold University College. Our main, but not exclusive, vehicle for furthering international research cooperation is through engaging in joint research projects aimed at research and development. This project orientation allows for synergies between the achieving goals related to scientific research, research dissemination, as well as the quality of teaching and development of course offerings at home and abroad.

Our disciplinary research areas reflect the interests of our individual members and our cooperating partners. Some of the main areas include: (1) international economics, (2) entrepreneurship and innovation, (3) CSR and sustainability, (4) economics and politics, (5) economic history, (6) the Chinese socio-economic system, (7) international business, and (8) the digital economy.

The Eurasia group was established in April 2018, and is formerly known as CNRN.


Emneord: Eurasia, China, Japan, Poland, Eastern, Ukraine, Russia, Nordic, economics, ethics, culture, Europe, international business, innovation
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