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The organization of references and literature is an essential part of the writing process. With EndNote you can import references from various databases, organize the references and save the full text of articles. You can easily produce a reference list based on the references in your manuscript.

Access to EndNote

Students and staff at HiØ have free access to EndNote. EndNote has versions both for Windows and MacOS, and the resulting databases or "libraries" are compatible across platforms. 

With Microsoft Word, Apple Pages and OpenOffice Writer, EndNote can be used directly from the word processor. If you use other word processors you must save your file in rtf format and use EndNote for final formatting of your paper. 

More information on the Norwegian pages.

Laptop or home computer

Installing EndNote on your computer

Students and staff can download EndNote free of charge from HiØ's Software Database. See the help pages for Windows or for Mac.

If you have problems when installing EndNote, contact HiØ's IT services.

How to use EndNote in 5 minutes

Video about how to use EndNote (External link)

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