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The Digital Society

The Digital Society is an interdisciplinary strategic research initiative at Østfold University College. This initiative include research communities from all our faculties that represent different diciplines performing research relevant for digitalisation and society. An important milestone for the initiative is to get the doctoral programme Digitalisation and Society accredited at our institution. 

PhD student anders Dechsling gives rector Lars-Petter Jelsness-Jørgensen instructions on how to use VR-tools
PhD student Anders Dechsling gives rector Lars-Petter Jelsness-Jørgensen instructions on how to use VR-equipment Photo: HiØ

The research initiative is composed of four thematic specialization areas called DigiTech, DigiHealth, DigiEd and DigiWork. The thematic areas are linked together to an interdisciplinary research environment, and studies the interplay between digitalisation and society at several levels.

Development of and research on new digital technology, activities and processes, as well as social and organizational contexts represent three levels of digitalisation that are studied from a critical, analytical perspective. These different levels may be studied separately but are  unavoidable connected and reflect the radical, digital transformation of society.

Social relevance - We need more knowledge on how digitalisation can transform, has transformed and will transform our society. This is necessary for the further development of most fields, both when it comes to developing enabling technologies and - not least - their consequences.

Future challenges - Technological development is escalating and will be decisive as to how the society will work in the future. The society needs competence in these fields to be able to, among other things, critically evaluate this development.

The Digitale Society includes research that:

  • investigates and develops digital tools and technology that will be put in use in different professions and in society in general.
  • analyses the consequences of the technology-driven development that the society experiences through digitalisation.

Read more about the four thematic specializations that build The Digital Society

DigiEd: education and learning

DigiHealth: health and welfare

DigiTech: applied information technology

DigiWork: work and organisation

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