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Picture of Yonas Zewdu Ayele Ayele, Yonas Zewdu Associate Professor +4769608898
Berg, Egil Assistant Professor +4769608714 +4795756124
Picture of Marius Birkeland Birkeland, Marius Assistant Professor +4769608618
Bryggfjell, Rolf-Einar Grini Assistant Professor +4769608668
Picture of Kamil Mustafa Dursun Dursun, Kamil Mustafa Professor +4769608805
Picture of Kine Dæhli Dæhli, Kine Assistant Professor +4769608487
Førrisdahl, Ole Kristian Associate Professor +4769608722
Picture of Svein Olav Hansen Hansen, Svein Olav Assistant Professor +4769608748
Hellstrøm-Finnsen, Magnus Associate Professor +4769608619
Picture of Jo Høkedal Høkedal, Jo Associate Professor +4769608770
Picture of Hild Haaheim Haaheim, Hild Assistant Professor +4769608106
Picture of Jonas Bjertnes Jacobsen Jacobsen, Jonas Bjertnes Assistant Professor +4769608621
Picture of Mahdi Kioumarsi Kioumarsi, Mahdi Associate Professor +4769608610
Picture of Nand Kishor Kishor, Nand Professor +4769608622
Picture of Anna-Lena Kjøniksen Kjøniksen, Anna-Lena Professor +4769608729 +4791991942 master in green energy technology
Kro, Tore August Associate Professor +4769608730 +4790022321
Meistad, Torill Randi Associate Professor +4769608681
Picture of Nicolae Lucian Mihet Mihet, Nicolae Lucian Professor +4769608756 Smart Grids, Microgrids, Energy Efficiency, Distributed Energy Resources, EV, AI in Energy Sector, Green Energy Technology
Mordt, Helge Eduard Associate Professor +4769608733
Picture of Per Erik Skogh Nilsen Nilsen, Per Erik Skogh Assistant Professor +4769608735 Quantum mechanics, Particle Physics, CERN, Physics, Physics Education Research, History, Scientific Theory, Scientific Philosophy