BA in Acting

BA in Acting: Additional information for applicants to Norwegian Theatre Academy

Regarding documentation requirements at Østfold Univeristy College:

  • Norwegian Theatre Academy has no formal English language requirement, even if the teaching language is English.
  • Norwegian Theatre Academy does not demand proof of funding when submitting applications. However, applicants from countries outside of the EU/EEA must submit proof of funding when applying for a study permit.

Regarding digital auditions at Norwegian Theatre Academy:

Phase 2: Round 1, 2 and 3 (digital auditions)

NTA BA in Acting intake will happen through digital auditions in 3 rounds, somewhere between April 19 and April 29 with selection processes in each round. Our intention is to open opportunities for all committed applicants without hinderance from current global travel challenges. We hope this will allow for a more equitable and dynamic process. The jury is committed to facilitating a creative and exciting digital encounter.

If you have submitted a complete application with CV, motivation and recommendation letters that meet the stated criteria you will be called to Round 1, an audition.

For the first round you will prepare a task in advance which is shown in that audition. Please make a choice between the inspiration source image or text below (not both), to compose an original solo performance filmed on video limited to 3 minutes. Here you will read detailed instructions and limitations for the task:

The text or image below should be a point of departure together with other elements of your own creation in the performance. Your solo is a unique artistic expression, responding to the inspiration material as a visual and physical encounter between body, voice/sound, materials, and space. This is your chance to show us what you are interested in!

Your solo composition can include monologue or text material, spoken word, characters, songs, dances, or unique performance elements that best represent your current interests as an actor. We are not looking for just one kind of artist but interested in what you find exciting! We will briefly ask you how your unique choices were inspired by one of the source materials, to understand how you respond to tasks. You can make the video on your phone! Be creative and show us your artistic personality and interest in performing through the solo.

These are the technical criteria your video must follow: (hint – it is about technical simplicity)

  • Performed in a single take (no fancy cuts, visual or scenic edits etc.)
  • Uses the “real” room, space, environment around you where the video is filmed and not a green screen or any special visual digital or edited effects
  • Uses your own voice, whether you record your voice in a single take and layer it over the video or speak / sound freely in the action of the video is up to you, but it needs to be your voice and not any other performers voice.
  •  Recorded music/sound or is allowed to be used in the room or edited over the visuals, as long as your voice is audible. We are not looking for complex musical sound editing, simplicity is best.
  • Uses the given lighting conditions of the space: no fade ins, blackouts, no fancy lighting cues, light changes or light effects. For example: If you set up your video to be recorded in a studio or in a theatre, the lighting should be pre-set and not change. If you are working outdoors or in your living room, relate to the given conditions that are there, etc. We love to see what spaces you live or choose to work in.

Feel free to use costume, materials, objects, instruments, etc in your artistic choices. We are interested in seeing your playfulness, personal artistic expression and choices.  Show us your diverse and unique performance skills, clarity of focus and ability to communicate. We are not impressed by fancy technical situations or expensive equipment. A film in your living room with your phone is all that is needed if that works for communicating your response to the task, artistic ideas and performance presence.

Round 1: How to share and what to expect

This video will be shared live by you with the jury on zoom during your scheduled meeting for the first round of auditions. You will be given the chance to “share screen” and play the video. It is important that you are also playing the sound from the video (this usually means removing your headphones from the computer or phone if you have them in). We recommend rehearsing this “share screen” function on zoom with a friend before the audition if you never have done it. After viewing the video together, you will have a very short interview where we ask a few questions.

From this first round, a selection of candidates will be invited back to round 2 of the digital auditions. After round 2, there will be a final selection for the last audition round 3. Round 2 and 3 will be digital too and include collaborative work, creative tasks and more interviews. We will do our best to help your share your skills and interests through this medium, and give you a sense of NTA.

Please be sure you can access or borrow a good internet connection and download Zoom. If that is not possible, please let us know in the case that you are invited to audition.

Sources of inspiration

The text or image below to inspire the solo composition are a point of departure and not a direct scenic indication for a performance, i.e. if the text is your source, you do not have to speak the text unless you wish to. We do not ask you to research the origins of the source materials, or relate to the artists’ intent unless you wish to. We are interested in what other ideas the material inspires in you, from where you stand and how it meets or stimulates your ideas. Please explore your reaction to the given material and find ways of working which share with us your artistic voice. We are curious about your artistic ideas and acting / performance practice.

Option A: Text

There was nobody there. The show went on. Everything came back. Moments, moments of life, scenes that did not continue, characters entering and exiting, changes of light... I was defined by this repetition of things. Everything was written. Even my dreams, they felt like they were written, even if it was me who dreamt them.”

From “The Sacrifice” by Andrej Tarkovsky

Option B: Photo

Do Ho Suh, Bridging Home (2010) in Liverpool, England.


If you have questions regarding the application or the interviews that is not answered here or at the admission page, please contact:

NB! If you apply to both programmes you need to send documentation and fulfill the requirements for both programmes. See details in the application form.