Master in Performance

MA in Performance is a new, two-year full time study, recruiting students from any artistic discipline who are interested in exploring their practice as performance.

Master in Scenography

MA in Scenography is a two-year full time study where students acquire the ability to independently work as artists, to research, develop and implement artistic and architectural projects in the wide field of scenography, collectively as well as individually.

Bachelor in Acting

Acting practices emerge from daily embodied encounters with space. Actor training emphasizes the resonance of the vocal, moving body as acoustic, compositional material. Musicality, collaborative risk and social inquiry inform how actors critically develop own methods for original work and enter the proposals of guest artists.

Bachelor in Scenography

Scenography explores and reveals the interdependence of architecture and theatre. Students practice spatial dialogue within the city, the stage, on screen or in nature. They test and reflect upon ways to activate the senses within society. By decomposing, analyzing and re-contextualizing our surroundings, the scenographer frames and unfolds open potentialities where the yet unknown can and the uncontrolled will happen. Scenography aims at non-linear states in between and anticipates future traces.


BA Acting and BA Scenography: Spring 2019

MA Performance and MA Scenography: Spring 2020


Students at Norwegian Theatre Academy are encouraged to take part of their training abroad. Through its international network, the Academy seeks to organize exchanges for interested students by tailoring opportunities abroad to meet individual needs.