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Name Position Phone E-mail Tags
Arx, Serge Patrick von Professor +4769608684
Behrens, Electa Woodbridge Associate Professor +4769608659
Picture of Patricia Canellis Canellis, Patricia Adviser +4769608662 artistic, research, producer
Picture of Camilla Eeg-Tverbakk Eeg-Tverbakk, Camilla Professor +4769608685 Dramaturgy, Compositional strategies, ethics, object oriented relations in the arts
Ely Seidman, Karmenlara Professor +4769608688
Finset, Tim Petterson Technician +4769608660 +4790299795
Guilloteau, Etienne Frederic Doctoral Research Fellow +32474742383
Holm, Ingvild Doctoral Research Fellow +4769608655
Hov, Pea Senior Executive Officer +4769608774 +4790639510
Husvik-Olaussen, Gunhild Mathea Doctoral Research Fellow +4769608654
Kaldor, Edit Doctoral Research Fellow
Kipphoff, Karen Erika Earle Professor +4769608663 +4797739262
Knudsen, Ulf Technician +4769608686
Løland, Anne Berit Head of Section +4769608687 +4799232849
Oredsson, Jakob Assistant Professor
Solberg, Sunniva Higher Executive Officer +4769608661
Tolo, Kathrine Professor +4769608658