How to get here

From Oslo Airport

From Oslo Airport, you can take the airport express train (flytoget) or the regular VY train lines (R10/L12) to Oslo Central Station (Oslo S). You can also take the airport express coach (Flybussen) from Oslo Airport to the centre of Oslo, which stops just by Oslo S.

Another option for those going to Fredrikstad from Oslo Airport is to take the express bus (Nor-Way) directly from Oslo Airport to Fredrikstad. This is usually the best and quickest way to get to Fredrikstad from the airport.

To Halden and Fredrikstad

From Oslo S, you can take the VY train to Fredrikstad/Halden (R20). The train leaves from platforms 17–19. You can also take the express bus (Nettbuss) to Fredrikstad, which leaves from Galleri Oslo.

To the campus or student housing

If you are granted student housing, you will find important arrival information on the Foundation for Student Life’s website

Remmen (Halden Campus)

Located outside the city centre. You can take a bus directly from the bus station to Remmen (R2 or 100). If you arrive at Halden train station at 07:45 or 08:45 on a weekday, you can take a free shuttle bus from the station to Remmen. You can also take a taxi.

Stadion (Halden)

Located near Halden city centre and a 12-minute walk from Halden train station and bus terminal. It may be easiest to take a taxi if you arrive with luggage.

Bjølstad (Fredrikstad Campus)

Located on campus and a 20 minute walk from Fredrikstad train station. You can reduce the amount of walking by taking a bus (301 or 302) to Farmannsgate and then crossing the bridge over the river to the campus. It may be easiest to take a taxi if you arrive with luggage.

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