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Name Position Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Gunnar Andersson Andersson, Gunnar Associate Professor +4769608711 +4792858976
Picture of John Erik Andreassen Andreassen, John Erik Associate Professor +4769608140 +4791856900
Picture of Imtiaz Badshah Badshah, Imtiaz Associate Professor +4769608431
Picture of Trond Arne Borgersen Borgersen, Trond Arne Professor +4769608245
Picture of David Eilert Eilertsen Eilertsen, David Eilert Assistant Professor +4769608412
Foss, Pål Yngve Associate Professor +4769608213
Picture of Jørn Inge Halvorsen Halvorsen, Jørn Inge Associate Professor +4769608483
Picture of Bjørn Gitle Hauge Hauge, Bjørn Gitle Assistant Professor +4769608779
Picture of Frode Ramstad Johansen Johansen, Frode Ramstad Associate Professor +4769608672 +4793030885 Innovation, innovation processes, change processes, digitalization, project management
Picture of Ivar Jonsson Jonsson, Ivar Professor +4769608163 The Digital Society, DigiWork
Picture of Roswitha Maria Berta King King, Roswitha Maria Berta Professor +4769608293
Picture of Bjørnar Karlsen Kivedal Kivedal, Bjørnar Karlsen Associate Professor +4769608294
Picture of Matthew Patrick James Lynch Lynch, Matthew Patrick James Associate Professor +4769608680 +4795366830
Picture of Lilja Mosesdottir Mosesdottir, Lilja Professor +4769608415 The Digital Society, DigiWork
Picture of Asbjørn Olav Pedersen Pedersen, Asbjørn Olav Assistant Professor +4769608330
Picture of Irina Nikolskaja Roddvik Roddvik, Irina Nikolskaja Associate Professor +4769608211
Picture of Marjo-Riitta Rynning Rynning, Marjo-Riitta Associate Professor +4769608336 Marketing research, Competition, Evaluation
Solesvik, Maryna Zhuravlyova Professor +4769608504
Strømme, Janne Assistant Professor +4769608278
Syvertsen, Carsten Martin Associate Professor +4769608350