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Fakultet for informasjonsteknologi, ingeniørfag og økonomi
  • Wayne Kelly
  • Wayne Kelly
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SFB50514 Corporate Communication (Høst 2021)

Emnet er tilknyttet følgende studieprogram

  • Compulsory course in Bachelor's Programme in International Communication


  • Bachelor's Programme in International Communication: 3rd semester (autumn)

Studentens læringsutbytte etter bestått emne


The candidate

  • is familiar with the interrelation between organisations and their environments, and the importance of building relations with all stakeholder groups.
  • has become familiar with the importance of planned and coordinated communication for building internal and external reputation, and know that organisational culture, common values and the identity perception of employees are key success factors.
  • has basic knowledge and understanding of communication as a management strategy in private and public organisations.


The candidate

  • can collect empirical data and using theory to write a larger academic assignment (case study).
  • can write in academic manner and know the correct use of sources.

General competence

The candidate

  • understand the importance of strategic communication and can document this in correct academic written form.


  • Organisation identity and corporate identity
  • Corporate branding
  • Image and reputation management
  • Stakeholder relations
  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  • Issues management and crisis communication

Undervisnings- og læringsformer

The course is organised in two parts. The first half of the semester is a taught course with lectures, exercises and discussions.

In the second half of the semester the students carry out a supervised case study. The case study/project is group work with two or three students in each project group.

The language used in the course is English and the required reading is in English. The case study report is written in English.


The course will give the student approximately 280 hours of work.



Arbeidskrav - vilkår for å avlegge eksamen

The following group assignments must be submitted at given deadlines and approved before signing up for the final exam:

  • Project proposal (approx. 500 words) with a brief summary of the case study

  • Two scheduled tutorials per project group

  • Oral presentation of a paper


Group project

A case study is performed in groups in the second half of the semester being documented in a written final report of 12-15 pages (approx. 5,000 words). The case study takes its starting point in concrete organisations or cases related to one of the issues taught in the course.

The report is assessed on the A-F grading sale. The grade is awarded to the group, not individually.


External and internal examinator or two internal examinators.

Vilkår for ny/utsatt eksamen

In the case of fail the students may submit an improved report.

If students wish to improve their grade, a new report will have to be submitted at the next regular exam.

Evaluering av emnet

The course is evaluated by the students each semester in accordance with HiØ's quality procedures.


Cornelissen, Joep (2017). Corporate Communication: A guide to theory and practice. London: SAGE Publications. 270 pages.

Lectures and other course material published on the learning platform.

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