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Fakultet for informasjonsteknologi, ingeniørfag og økonomi
June Merete Solberg Tolsby
½ år

SFB31020 Entrepreneurship in global perspective (Høst 2021)

Emnet er tilknyttet følgende studieprogram

Compulsory for students in the Bachelor programme in Business Administration, specialising in "International Business" (Internasjonal økonomi).

Absolutte forkunnskaper

All courses in first year must be successfully completed to continue to this course.

Anbefalte forkunnskaper

The course is based on introductory courses in business strategy, strategic management or innovation. Basic knowledge is preferable, but not a prerequisite.


Autumn (5th semester).

Studentens læringsutbytte etter bestått emne


  • Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to discuss and apply key theories and practices of international entrepreneurship.



  • The students will be enabled to understand challenges and opportunities of international entrepreneurship in global markets including the financing of international entrepreneurship.

  • Moreover, students will be able to establish a business plan for a start-up and discuss case studies of international entrepreneurs based on knowledge provided in the course.


General competence

  • The course will provide students with knowledge that is both relevant for their subsequent professional career as well as master study programmes in business administration in general and entrepreneurship and innovation studies in particular.

  • The course will enable the students to consider becoming a start-up themselves and take an informed decision about future career development as business start-ups.


The course introduces theories and practices of entrepreneurship in a global perspective. It gives basic insights into international entrepreneurship, which has has been developing into a research field located at the intersection of international business and entrepreneurship and innovation studies. The course will provide knowledge about basic concepts related to international entrepreneurship by highlighting a global perspective and focusing on business start-ups or turnarounds with incumbent companies. In doing so, the course pays attention to the fact that an increasing number of firms - start-up companies as well as established businesses - are innovating and switching to new business models that are integrated in a global value chain in the market.

The course will focus on four key topics:

(i) Introduction into the main theories on entrepreneurship;

(ii) Entrepreneurship as a global phenomenon;

(iii) The business plan for global markets;

(iv) The practice of entrepreneurship in Østfold, Norway. The course will be based on a mix of lectures, case studies and workshops (e.g. creativity workshop, writing a business plan), combined with invited guest lectures from entrepreneurs and/or business incubator agencies (e.g., Drivhuset Østfold).

Undervisnings- og læringsformer

Lectures, case studies, group work and workshops including guest lectures from entrepreneurs and/or experts from start-up incubators.


The course will give the student approximately 280 hours of work.

Arbeidskrav - vilkår for å avlegge eksamen

One group assignment must be submitted and approved prior to signing up for the final examination.


Individual home examination

72 hours.

Aids permitted: All aids allowed.

Grades: A-F


One external and internal examiner, or two internal examiners

Evaluering av emnet

To improve the course, we need the evaluations from the students. The course is evaluated once each semester. The evaluations from the students are treated by the staff and the committee for programme quality and internationalization.


Last updated 25.03.2019

Recommended readings

Hisrich, Robert D. (2016): International Entrepreneurship. Starting, Developing and Manging a Global Venture. 3rd ed., Sage.

Zucchella, A.; Hagen, B.; Serapio, M.G. (2017): International Entrepreneurship. Edward Elgar.

Lectures and other literature/articles that will be distributed throughout the course.

Further readings:

Barringer, Bruce R.; Ireland, R. Duane (2019): Entrepreneurship - Successfully launching new ventures. 6th ed., Pearson.

Hayton, James; Salvato, Carlo; Manimala, Mathew J. (2015): Global Entrepreneurship - Case Studies of Entrepreneurial Firms operating around the World. Routledge.

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