International symposium thematising incels: from boyhood to radicalised masculinity

Incels (involuntary celibates) is an online subculture that recently has gained widespread interest in the International, Nordic and Norwegian media. Infamous for their misogynist and anti-feminist views, the community has been linked to several acts of violence, even domestic terrorism. However, incels also represents a fairly diverse subculture that takes place across several digital fora. In this International Symposium on Incels, leading experts in the field will contribute to provide new insight into the complexities of the incel communities

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International Symposium on Incels

The international symposium thematising incel, invites researchers both from the Nordic Countries and abroad to take part in this symposium

When: Wednesday 12th May 2021

For whom: researchers within social sciences and the humanities, psychology, as well as politicians, first line support, healthcare workers, police, teachers and educators. The symposium is free and open for the general public.

Symposium programme

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Contact Jens Olav Johansen, Consultant at Østfold University College


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