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Intelligent control of energy conversion and storage systems

The key competences of this  Research group are in the area of Energy Technology, Smart Grid integration of renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, storage systems and electric vehicles (component development, testing, experimental and simulation-based analysis, economic and environmental assessment).


This reseach group has partly evolved from the institutional research project "Technology - Energy - Society: Smart Buildings for Welfare" in cooperation with the Faculty of Computer Sciences.

Research and Teaching Facilities

The lab is equipped with state-of-the-art and new technology (software and hardware) regarding electric power engineering, power electronics, renewable power generation and Smart Grids.

It contains 4 setups/trainers with Renewable Energy Sources(PV,WT), Storage Systems and Power Electronics Converters for Electric Drives applications, Energy Efficiency in Smart Buildings and SmartGrids.

See also presentation (pdf) of the lab facilities.


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