Courses for exchange students

Østfold University College has a number of courses taught in English offered to exchange students. In addition to our courses taught in English, we offer online courses in German, French and Spanish.

How to choose courses?

Credits per semester: 30 ECTS (studiepoeng)
Courses per semester: 2 or 3 depending on the credits

Students should choose courses relevant to their academic background and consult their home coordinator before applying. We recommend that you apply for courses from the same faculty to ensure that you avoid any clashes in your timetable. Further down you will find suggested course combinations.

You can read about the prerequisites and course requirements in the course descriptions. In order to take master-level courses, you must meet the admission requirements for the corresponding master's degree programmes.

Please note that the Norwegian Theatre Academy is not currently accepting exchange students. 

As of spring 2022, all of our faculties will provide courses offered in English. We are proud to announce that, starting spring 2022, exchange students now have the opportunity to choose courses from the Faculty of Health and Welfare.           

Course catalogue 2021/2022

Faculty of Business, Languages and Social Sciences, Campus Halden 

Faculty of Computer Sciences, Campus Halden

Faculty of Education, Campus Halden

Faculty of Engineering, Campus Fredrikstad 

Faculty of Health and Welfare

The Faculty of Health and Welfare offers clinicial practice to students from partner institutions. In the spring semester students can choose courses in combination with or in addition to clinical practice.     

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Suggested course combinations

The Faculty of Education and Faculty of Business, Languages and Social Sciences offer the following course combinations:


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