Litian Wang

Faculty of Engineering
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Academic interests

Solid state physics, Material Sciences, Elastodynamics, Acoustics

Courses taught

  • Material Sciences:
    Metallic materials, Plastic materials, Composite material, Material Selection
  • Physics:
    Fluidmechanics, Dynamics, Solid state physics


PhD in Physics, Universitetet of Oslo (1993) 


  • Fireco AS, Fredrikstad
  • Biobe AS, Fredrikstad



  • Vijay, Sudarshan; Wang, Litian; Lyphout, Christophe; Nylen, Per & Markocsan, Nicolaie (2019). Surface characteristics investigation of HVAF sprayed cermet coatings. Applied Surface Science.  ISSN 0169-4332.  493, s 956- 962 . doi: 10.1016/j.apsusc.2019.07.079
  • Wang, Yan-Feng; Wang, Yue-Sheng & Wang, Litian (2014). Two-dimensional ternary locally resonant phononic crystals with a comblike coating. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics.  ISSN 0022-3727.  47(1:015502) . doi: 10.1088/0022-3727/47/1/015502 Show summary
  • Wang, Litian (2012). Zero-curvature transonic states and one-component surface waves in anisotropic elastic media. Wave motion.  ISSN 0165-2125.  49(7), s 659- 666 . doi: 10.1016/j.wavemoti.2012.04.002
  • Wang, Litian (2010). Structure of phonon focusing patterns in tetragonal crystals. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America.  ISSN 0001-4966.  127(2), s 746- 753 . doi: 10.1121/1.3273901 Show summary
  • Wang, Litian (2009). Analytical determination of parabolic points on slowness surface and swallowtail points on wave surface of cubic crystals. Proceedings of the Royal Society. Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences.  ISSN 1364-5021.  465(2104), s 1231- 1247 . doi: 10.1098/rspa.2008.0436 Show summary
  • Wang, Litian (2008). Caustic and anticaustic points in the phonon focusing patterns of cubic crystals. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America.  ISSN 0001-4966.  123(6), s 4140- 4146 Show summary
  • Wang, Litian (2008). Extraordinary degeneracy and space of degeneracy in transversely isotropic elastic media. Wave motion.  ISSN 0165-2125.  45(3), s 264- 277 Show summary
  • Wang, Litian & Ryne, Kent (2007). Existence of extraordinary zero-curvature slowness curve in anisotropic elastic media. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America.  ISSN 0001-4966.  122(4), s 1873- 1875 Show summary
  • Wang, Litian (2004). Space of degeneracy in the Stroh eigensystem and surface waves in transversely isotropic elastic media. Wave motion.  ISSN 0165-2125.  40(2), s 173- 190 Show summary
  • Lothe, Jens & Wang, Litian (1997). Self-orthogonal sextic formalism for simple reflection and mode conversion at the free surface of an anisotropic elastic half-space. ?.  453(nr 1960), s 897- 911 Show summary
  • Lothe, Jens & Wang, Litian (1995). Self-orthogonal sextic formalism for anisotropic elastic media-spaces of simple reflection and 2-component surface-waves. Wave motion.  ISSN 0165-2125.  21(nr 2), s 163- 181
  • Wang, Litian (1995). Determination of the ray surface and recovery of elastic-constants of anisotropic elastic media - a direct and inverse approach. ?.  7(nr 20), s 3863- 3880
  • Wang, Litian & Lothe, Jens (1995). Dislocation instability in anisotropic elastic cubic media. ?.  71(nr 2), s 359- 387

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  • Nilsen, Rino; Mouland, Anders; Wang, Yan-Feng; Wu, Hong; Wang, Yue-Sheng & Wang, Litian (2015). A phononic construction material.
  • Wang, Litian (2014). Lydløse materialer.
  • Wang, Litian (2013, 03. oktober). Jakter på lydløst materiale. [Internett]. Show summary
  • Wang, Litian (2013, 08. oktober). «Lydløse materialer» inn i fremtidens skip?. [Internett]. Show summary
  • Wang, Litian (2013, 10. oktober). Vil dempe motorbråk med plastkompositt.  Teknisk ukeblad. Show summary
  • Wang, Yanfeng; Wang, Yue-Sheng & Wang, Litian (2013). Complex Band Structures of Two-Dimensional Viscoelastic Phononic Crystals Obtained by using Finite Element Method.
  • Wang, Yanfeng; Wang, Yue-Sheng & Wang, Litian (2013). Two-Dimensional Square Phononic Crystal and Phononic Crystal Slabs with Cross-Like holes.
  • Wang, Litian (2012, 16. mars). Plastmkerne.  Fredriksstad Blad.
  • Wang, Yanfeng; Wang, Yue-Sheng & Wang, Litian (2012). Complete bandgaps in three-dimensional holey phononic crystals with Helmholtz resonators.
  • Wang, Yanfeng; Wang, Yue-Sheng & Wang, Litian (2012). Two- and three- dimensional holey phononic crystals with unit cells of resonators.
  • Wang, Litian (2011). Design and Optimization of Phononic Materials with Application to Soundshield Technology.
  • Wang, Litian (2011). Funksjonelle materialer.
  • Wang, Litian (2011). Funksjonelle materialer - Phononiske krystaller.
  • Wang, Litian (2011). Hovedprosjektet - Lydløse materialer.
  • Wang, Litian (2011). Lydløse materialer - En funksjonelle materialer til lydstyring/-demping.
  • Wang, Litian (2011). Phononic material and its application as soundshield.
  • Wang, Litian (2011, 10. februar). Utvikling av lydløse materialer. [Radio].  NRK Radio - Østfold.
  • Wang, Litian (2011). Utvikling av lydløse materialer. Show summary
  • Wang, Litian (2010). Design and optimization of phononic materials with application to soundshield technology Funksjonelle,fononiske materialer til bl.a. relevant lydstyring/-demping.
  • Wang, Litian (2009). Dislocation instability in anisotropic media. Show summary
  • Wang, Litian (2009). Stroh formalism and its applications to wave propagations in anisotropic media. Show summary
  • Wang, Litian (2008). General analytical scheme for determining the characteristic caustic points in phonon focusing patterns of cubic crystals. Show summary
  • Wang, Litian (2004). Space of extraordinary degeneracy in the Stroh formalism and the generalized surface wave in transversely isotropic elastic media. Show summary
  • Wang, Litian (2001). Innføring i ORACLE og SQL Kompendium for 3ID30 - Datamodellering og Databaser. Show summary
  • Wang, Litian (1999). Bi-characteristic surfaces for the Christoffel equation and reciprocity for wave propagation in anisotropic systems. Show summary
  • Wang, Litian; Hemelrijck, Danny van & Anastassopoulos, Athanassios (1998). Inverse scheme for determination of elastic constants of anisotropic media. Show summary

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