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Faculty of Business, Languages and Social Sciences
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Office: Room A3-051, Halden-Remmen (3rd floor)

Faglige interesser/Academic interests

I am a business economist and economic geographer and work on several topics at the interface between business economics and economic geography. My current research interest focuses on the two following themes:

  • Inter-firm business networks and clusters (SME networks, business networks in peripheral regions, brokers in business networks, cross-border business networks)
  • Regional entrepreneurship (digital entrepreneurs in the sharing economy, institutional entrepreneurship in non-core regions, rural entrepreneurship in creative industries)

Call for papers EURAM 2020 Annual Conference, SIG Entrepreneurship (T03_16)

Previously, I have been working on demographic challenges, adaptive firm strategies and institutions in the regional economy. Moreover, I have been involved in research addressing regional economic development in non-core regions (e.g., rural-peripheral regions).

In a nutshell, my overarching research interests is to explore the inter-relationship of enterprise development/entrepreneurship and the regional economy from various perspectives. My work is therefore cross-disciplinary, to a large extent.

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Research group Business Development and Governance

Réseau de Recherche sur l'Innovation (RRI)

Academic CV (9 October 2019)

Undervisningserfaring/Courses taught

In the Department of Business Administration and Economics, I am teaching the following courses in the Bachelor Programme in Business Administration:

  • International Marketing (since Autumn 2017)
  • Bachelor Thesis Seminar (Spring 2017)
  • Bedriftsøkonomisk Analyse - Gjesteforleser (Autumn 2017)
  • Foretaksstrategi og innovasjon (scheduled for Autumn 2020)
  • Entrepreneurship in Global Perspective (scheduled for Autumn 2020)

I have been lecturing in business administration, industrial engineering, human geography and regional planning study programmes at undergraduate (bachelor) and graduate (master and diploma) level. I am supervising bachelor, master and Ph.D. theses (2009-2017: University of Bayreuth; 2017-present: Østfold University College and University of Southeastern Norway). I am a co-supervisor for Ph.D. students in the Geographical Institute of University of Bayreuth.

Please see my CV for a complete overview of my teaching portfolio (2003-present).


Recent appointments and affiliations

  • 2017-present: Associate professor for business economics at Østfold University College, Faculty of Business, Languages, and Social Sciences (Norway).
  • 2013-2017: Assistant professor in economic geography, University of Bayreuth (Germany).
  • 2009-2012: Senior lecturer in economic geography, University of Bayreuth (Germany).
  • 2016-present: Research fellow of the Centre for Regional Economic Development, University of Bern (Switzerland)


  • 2019-present: Qualification for full professor positions in Norway in the field of innovation and regional development. Awarding institution: Western Norwegian University of Applied Sciences (Norway).
  • 2018-present: Qualification for full professor positions in Europe in the field of economic geography (habilitation thesis in economics/economic geography, facultas docendi, awarded 2018). Awarding institution: University of Bayreuth (Germany).
  • 2003-2006: Ph.D. in business economics (doctor rerum politicarum, 2006). Awarding institution: University of Technology and Mining (Germany).
  • 1998-2002: Bachelor in Business Economics, University of Hagen (Germany); and Master of Business Administration, University of Technology and Mining in Freiberg (Germany). 

Experience outside academia

  • 2007-2009: Publishing and commissioning editor in the area of business administration and economics, Springer Business+Science Media (Germany).
  • 1998-1999: Central Credit Department, ABN Amro Bank (Germany).


Academic service and administrative experience at universities, faculties and departments:

Østfold University College, Norway (2017-present):

  • Research group leader “Business Development and Governance”
  • Member of the FoU Utvalg/Research Development Steering Committee, Faculty of Business, Languages, and Social Sciences
  • Programme coordinator Bachelor in Business Administration including the English specialisation “International Business”
  • Member of the LUKU Teaching Development/Teaching Quality Committee, Faculty of Business, Languages, and Social Sciences
  • Member of evaluation committees for professoral positions (markedsføring and bedriftsøkonomi in 2019)
  • Student exchange/mobility representative for study programmes in business administration, e.g., Erasmus+ mobility of students
  • Co-supervisor for marketing/business administration at University of South-Eastern Norway, Department of Business and IT

University of Bayreuth, Germany (2009-2017):

  • Member of the University Council, representative of the non-professoral academic faculty staff (2015-2017)
  • Member of the commission of the non-professoral academic faculty staff (2015-2017)
  • Representative of the non-professoral academic faculty staff in the Faculty of Biology, Chemistry, and Geosciences (2015-2017)
  • Student exchange/mobility coordinator, e.g., Erasmus mobility of students, Human Geography study programmes in collaboration with the Head of Department

University of Technology and Mining Freiberg, Germany (2003-2006):

  • Student exchange/mobility coordinator for the double-degree programmes in business administration with the University of Economics Poznan (Poland) and the University of Trento (Italy) in collaboration with the Head of Department

Tidligere forskningsstillinger/Recent academic positions held

Please refer to my CV for a complete list of positions held.

Tags: Regional entrepreneurship, Small business management, Small business economics, Business networks, Marketing Management, Regional economic development


  • Leick, Birgit (2019). Steering through tough times? Insights into strategic change processes of small firms in the context of demographic challenges. International Journal of Globalisation and Small Business.  ISSN 1479-3059.  10(2), s 163- 186 . doi: 10.1504/IJGSB.2019.097931 Show summary
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  • Leick, Birgit & Glorius, Birgit (2017). Editorial on the special issue "Theorising and narrating the geographies of demographic change". Comparative population studies.  ISSN 1869-8980.  41(3-4), s 207- 224 . doi: 10.12765/CPoS-2017-05en Full text in Research Archive.
  • Leick, Birgit & Gretzinger, Susanne (2017). Brokerage-based value creation: The case of a Danish offshore business network. The IMP Journal.  ISSN 2059-1403.  11(3), s 353- 375 . doi: /10.1108/IMP-02-2016-0004 Show summary
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  • Leick, Birgit (2013). Balancing firm and network-based resources to gain competitive advantage: A case study of an artisanal musical instruments cluster in Germany.. Socio-Economic Studies.  ISSN 0935-9915.  24(2), s 77- 95 . doi: 10.1688/1861-9908_mrev_2013_02_Leick
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  • Leick, Birgit & Matuschewski, Anke (2012). Wirtschaftsentwicklung in demographischen Schrumpfungsregionen – Unternehmerische Herausforderungen und Strategien am Beispiel von Oberfranken. Raumforschung und Raumordnung.  ISSN 1869-4179.  70(6), s 515- 530 . doi: 10.1007/s13147-012-0200-0 Show summary
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  • Leick, Birgit (2019). Institutional entrepreneurs – Wer sind diese Agenten des Wandels in ländlich-peripheren Räumen?.
  • Leick, Birgit; Lessmann, Grit; Stroehl, Alexander & Pargent, Tim (2019). How to conceptualize a local trust business in a globalized, digitized world? A study on regional banks and the SME-regional bank relationship.
  • Dyhr Ulrich, Anna Marie; Gretzinger, Susanne; Hollensen, Svend & Leick, Birgit (2018). Entry of Emerging Markets: Conceptualization of an International Business Incubator.
  • Dyhr Ulrich, Anna Marie; Gretzinger, Susanne; Hollensen, Svend & Leick, Birgit (2018). Getting Embedded in Industry Networks Abroad: The Case of LINAK A/S.
  • Leick, Birgit (2018). Demographic change: Firms, institutions, and the regional economy. Show summary
  • Leick, Birgit (2018). Kooperation im Kontext der Regionalentwicklung: Sind Unternehmenskooperationen und -netzwerke (k)ein Thema (mehr) für die Wirtschaftsgeographie? (Academic Presentation for the final evaluation of the results in the post-doctoral dissertation). Show summary
  • Leick, Birgit (2018). Network brokers in the periphery: A case study on business networking and knowledge sharing in rural-peripheral regions.
  • Leick, Birgit & Gretzinger, Susanne (2018). Netzwerk-Broker als interdisziplinäres Forschungsthema: Einblicke in die qualitative Metasynthese zur Aggregation und Reflektion empirischer Studien, I: Jeannine Wintzer (red.),  Sozialraum erforschen: Qualitative Methoden in der Geographie.  Springer Nature.  ISBN 978-3-662-56276-5.  Chapter 21.  s 331 - 350
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