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Office: Room A3-051, Halden-Remmen (3rd floor)

Academic interests

I am a business economist and economic geographer and work on several topics at the interface between business economics and economic geography. My current research interest focuses on the two following themes:

  • Inter-firm business networks and clusters (SME networks, business networks in peripheral regions, brokers in business networks, cross-border business networks)
  • Regional entrepreneurship (institutional entrepreneurship in non-core regions, rural entrepreneurship in creative industries)

Previously, I have been working on demographic challenges, adaptive firm strategies and institutions in the regional economy. Moreover, I have been involved in research addressing regional economic development in non-core regions (e.g., rural-peripheral regions).

In a nutshell, my overarching research interests is to explore the inter-relationship of enterprise development/entrepreneurship and the regional economy from various perspectives. My work is therefore cross-disciplinary, to a large extent.

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Research group Business Development and Governance

Academic CV (25 June 2019)


Courses taught

In the Department of Business Administration and Economics, I am teaching the following courses in the Bachelor Programme in Business Administration:

  • International Marketing (since Autumn 2017)
  • Bachelor Thesis Seminar (Spring 2017)
  • Bedriftsøkonomisk Analyse - Gjesteforleser (Autumn 2017)
  • Foretaksstrategi og innovasjon (scheduled for Autumn 2020)
  • Entrepreneurship in Global Perspective (scheduled for Autumn 2020)

Please see my CV for a complete course list I have been teaching (2003 til present).
I have been lecturing in business administration, industrial engineering, human geography and regional planning study programmes at undergraduate (bachelor) and graduate (master and diploma) level. I am supervising bachelor, master and Ph.D. theses.


Since April 2017, I am associate professor for business economics at Østfold University College, Faculty of Business, Languages, and Social Sciences. Between 2009 and 2017, I worked as senior lecturer (2009-2012) and assistant professor (2013-2017) in economic geography in the Department of Economic Geography, University of Bayreuth in Germany. I am also a research fellow of the Centre for Regional Economic Development, University of Bern (Switzerland) since 2016.

I hold a higher doctorate in economic geography (habilitation thesis in economics/economic geography, facultas docendi, awarded 2018) from the University of Bayreuth (Germany) as well as a Ph.D. in business economics (doctor rerum politicarum, 2006) and Master of Business Administration from the University of Technology and Mining in Freiberg (Germany). 

Prior to my academic career, I was a publishing editor with Springer Business+Science Media in Heidelberg, Germany (2007-2009,) and I have also worked in the credit department of ABN Amro Bank, Frankfurt am Main (1999).


Academic service and administrative experience at universities, faculties and departments:

Østfold University College, Norway (2017-present):

  • Research group leader “Business Development and Governance”
  • Member of the FoU Utvalg/Research Development Steering Committee, Faculty of Business, Languages, and Social Sciences
  • Programme coordinator Bachelor in Business Administration including the English specialisation “International Business”
  • Member of the LUKU Teaching Development/Teaching Quality Committee, Faculty of Business, Languages, and Social Sciences
  • Member of evaluation committees for professoral positions (markedsføring and bedriftsøkonomi in 2019)
  • Student exchange/mobility representative for study programmes in business administration, e.g., Erasmus+ mobility of students
  • Co-supervisor for marketing/business administration at University of South-Eastern Norway, Department of Business and IT

University of Bayreuth, Germany (2009-2017):

  • Member of the University Council, representative of the non-professoral academic faculty staff (2015-2017)
  • Member of the commission of the non-professoral academic faculty staff (2015-2017)
  • Representative of the non-professoral academic faculty staff in the Faculty of Biology, Chemistry, and Geosciences (2015-2017)
  • Student exchange/mobility coordinator, e.g., Erasmus mobility of students, Human Geography study programmes in collaboration with the Head of Department

University of Technology and Mining Freiberg, Germany (2003-2006):

  • Student exchange/mobility coordinator for the double-degree programmes in business administration with the University of Economics Poznan (Poland) and the University of Trento (Italy) in collaboration with the Head of Department

Recent academic positions held

Please refer to my CV for a complete list of positions held.

Tags: Regional entrepreneurship, Small business management, Small business economics, Business networks, Marketing Management, Regional economic development


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  • Leick, Birgit (2019). Institutional entrepreneurs – Wer sind diese Agenten des Wandels in ländlich-peripheren Räumen?.
  • Dyhr Ulrich, Anna Marie; Gretzinger, Susanne; Hollensen, Svend & Leick, Birgit (2018). Entry of Emerging Markets: Conceptualization of an International Business Incubator.
  • Dyhr Ulrich, Anna Marie; Gretzinger, Susanne; Hollensen, Svend & Leick, Birgit (2018). Getting Embedded in Industry Networks Abroad: The Case of LINAK A/S.
  • Leick, Birgit (2018). Demographic change: Firms, institutions, and the regional economy. Show summary
  • Leick, Birgit (2018). Kooperation im Kontext der Regionalentwicklung: Sind Unternehmenskooperationen und -netzwerke (k)ein Thema (mehr) für die Wirtschaftsgeographie? (Academic Presentation for the final evaluation of the results in the post-doctoral dissertation). Show summary
  • Leick, Birgit (2018). Network brokers in the periphery: A case study on business networking and knowledge sharing in rural-peripheral regions.
  • Leick, Birgit & Gretzinger, Susanne (2018). Netzwerk-Broker als interdisziplinäres Forschungsthema: Einblicke in die qualitative Metasynthese zur Aggregation und Reflektion empirischer Studien, I: Jeannine Wintzer (red.),  Sozialraum erforschen: Qualitative Methoden in der Geographie.  Springer Nature.  ISBN 978-3-662-56276-5.  Chapter 21.  s 331 - 350
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