Awards for best student projects at Showtime

Last Friday our students presented their projects at the annual Showtime. We had 25 bachelor projects from Design methods and 7 master projects from Interaction Design

The master students explored human value of ”togetherness” and how it could be promoted at HIOF.  Their projects resulted in a scientific short paper and poster, that will be submitted to upcoming HCI conferences.  We had a jury of 3 faculty members that selected their favorite three posters based on project idea, poster quality and presentation during the poster session. And here are their results:

1st place: Beacon - A computer supported collaborative work tool for the awareness of structure and time in co-located meetings (David, Karoline, Fahad, Ole-Edvard)

Bilde av studentene

From left: David Aarlien, Ole-Edvard Ørebæk, Fahad Said, Karoline Andreassen

2nd place: Mystical Pond - Promoting social engagement through ludic design ( Bjørn, Patricia, Ann Charlotte)

Poster by Bjørn Arild Lunde, Patricia Gomez, Ann-Charlott Karlsen

3rd place: Interactive Coffee Table - Ludic Engagement during lunch breaks (Aqsa, Hamza, Magnus, Mohsin, Sumayya)

From left: Sumayya Munir, Mohsin Afxal, Hamza Zubair Gondal, Magnus Over-Rein, Klaudia Carcani (supervisor), Aqsa Khalid.

The bachelor students applied design thinking, a design methodology that provides a solution-based approach to solving problems by understanding human needs involved, by re-framing the problem in human-centric ways, by creating many ideas in brainstorming sessions, and by adopting a hands-on approach in prototyping and testing. They presented their resulting design concepts as short video-prototypes.

Our jury even selecting their favorite three video-prototypes based on project idea and quality of video and storytelling. And here are their results:
1st place: Fauna - The Ecology Game (Henning, Erlend, Dylan, Henrik, Cecilie)


2nd place: Work Café Prototype (Oscar, André, Edmund, Sujeeban)


3rd place: Power Chat for in classroom communication (Lars Christian, Bao Mark, Andreas, Karin Linnea, André)


Congratulations to all projects,
Susanne Stigberg and Klaudia Carcani



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